Spell lightniing Storm, seriously?

PC solo, testing.
It cost 1 sacrificial blood, so nothing to destroy a base in 1 minute.

Second try with thralls :
(Thralls seems to protect a little the building, by attrackting the lightning).

→ the damage need to be reduced, it must destroy one wall or one celling at maximum.
→ need a cooldown, for example 10 minutes to avoid spamming. With 10 or 20 you can wipe a very big base.

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I think the damage should be more similar to the demon fire barrage that you use in the treb. An area effect but still takes a good number in order to destroy a T3 base.

A treb takes 1hr to build (not including the time it takes to secure it) 2 explosive jars per barrage and some trial and error. To say it should be on point with that is not exactly “fair” but at this point I’d take it considering the lighting is ruining gameplay on top of the lag

Yeah there needs to be some sort of balance and I’m not sure what it needs to be but agree that having the damage similar to demon fire barrage would be an improvement over what we currently have.

In order to keep people interested in sorcery it probably needs to be somewhat easier to do than crafting trebs and bombs due to the investment required to develop the sorcery in the first place. Otherwise people will just ignore sorcery and build trebs/bombs.

The new meta :
Level up 60, learn sorcery and scout the server.
(you can do the 3 at the same time).
2 x 2 base for the bed.

Then to raid :
fly spell (to go on top of the base) or ice bridge.
fews lightning spell (to destroy the base)
50 bombs to destroy remaining chests.
collect all full encumbrance
kill yourself
spell to get back your body at your base.

A solo player can now wipe a server in fews evenings without a base and starting from nothing. Even if the others players are online, just come naked and send your lightning spells …


Yep, does seem broken.
I was part of a raid where our side used lightning and I honestly felt bad for the clan we were hitting (in retaliation)— was crazy watching their base explode from the inside after several storms.

true but that not only LS that break the siege concept, LS is the most obvious and this is impossible to understand how it has been released as there was already feedback on testlive to warn how gamebreaking LS was.

bat, slow fall, ice bridge, call back of your dead corpse also break the siege mechanism concept, sorcery is not balanced at all in term of gameplay, it has been throw in the game without thinking and totally break the balance of the game for seige system in pvp server.

you do not even need to build a 2x2 base, but u are right a solo player can wipe an entire server naked.

problem is that it’s now so easy that it’s boring, and it’s why people are quitting (wellthe few who were still here, actual public is new players and they will not stay long for sure)

first reason
no way to defend

second reason
no more challenge to raid, and anyways less and less interesting base to raid.

I agree but most of the other spells have good counters. I mean they patched the ice bridge within the first few days of 3.0. The bat is really only ruining pvp because it’s paired with lighting. It just amazes me that there has been no word on all these issues from funcom.

Nerf the lightning storm to the ground… Fine with the damage on humanoids and players but to level a t3 base in matter of minutes is just BS. 100 damage tops on structures and lightning shouldn’t go through and do damage on players hiding inside. @Funcom please do something about this. Started playing again in Age of Sorcery thought you had something going on here but this ruined the game.
Who needs to farm anymore? Who needs explosives when you got lightning storm and harvest spell.
Have fun until a good patch comes around, but highly unlikely.

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there is no counter to bat ? you can go even higher than the limit of world with it (and i suppose this is a bug too…) and fall with slow fall, so no thrall ia will react, because you will be out of reach.

and even if LS corrected, bat will allow quick raid, and you can bring a god token with it too :frowning:

but actually who will loose time to do god token when a LS is more powerfull and easy to farm.

@azaroth Yeah it’s certainly not the most ideal mechanic and I’d be fine without it. If you build your base in a way that the flyer is forced to land on the roof just make it completely flat and dump thralls all over it. It does work although makes having a counter treb pretty hard. I did not know you can fly the bat that high up. I thought it had limited Stam?

Archers miss the bat 90% of the time I can tell you that

i will not explain how to do it, but believe me there is in fact no limit height, consumption of grit do not limit the bat going high if you understood well the mechanism and do the required action. I tested it and have been far more higher than limit of world. well at least with the bat you know now you can raid all sky floating base.

and yup you right anyways ia of thralls is so bad that they do not react and miss the target

It needs to be balanced. It shouldn’t do the same damage as a fire barrage, otherwise what would be the point in crafting one? It need’s to be balanced in-line with the rest of the raiding tools, and IMO defense either should be higher than it is now by quite a bit or the raid tools need to be lowered some.

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