[#spellchekker] Beast Maser Typo methinks Teimos

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Region: EU

At N8 There is a Named mob Called Beast Maser I think that should be Master Teimos He drops a water breathing Mask , The mask does not work. Iron Lung comes up The water breathing icon that normally shows is not there and your breath meter goes down very quickly and you drown.

Hey @Rayzur,

You should put “[#spellchekker]” at the start of your title. This way, the spellchekker team will easily recognize it’s something to take a stab at :slight_smile:

Hey @Rayzur

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send the #spellchekker team back to the galley.

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The mask does not give water breathing ability, it gives you just some more air. Read the info-text that is provided on the mask.
Thus it should(!) make your breath meter go slower, not faster. Your breath going away faster thus could be a real bug.

Timed it this morning with and without the helmet same time.

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