(#spellchekker) Going through my pantry

I’m having trouble getting to sleep so I decided to check the descriptions of my modest food supply. By modest what I mean is that I don’t do a lot of cooking so variety is quite lacking. Thus, there’s potentially more errors in the food descriptions of food and ingredients I didn’t check.

Bone Broth: 2nd paragraph, 2nd line, 7th word should read “whole” and not “hull.”

Shredded Roast: 4th line after the 8th word “known” the word “for” was omitted.

Fat Grub: Line 1, 9th word “a” is unnecessary and should be omitted.

Lingering Essence: Line 10, 6th word should read “contact” and not “contant.”

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Funcom and Exiles!


Thank you for the kind words, we’ve registered this feedback for the spellchekker team!

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