Spice Girls Crashing 1590

These guys are continuously crashing server 1590. When are you guys gonna fix this?

Have you tried reassuring them that you’ll be there?

I’m rather sure if you do that, they’ll be willing to give you everything, all the joy they bring, even swearing to it.

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spice girls are exploiting to crash the server to avoid being raided, this has been going on for 3 days now with the server constantly down. This is causing players to be unable to play the game.


Have you tried explaining to them what you want? What you really, really want?

On a side note. Isn’t it a bit funny that someone drops this specific server earlier, a first time poster, as the source of the worst exploiters. And now two seperate, first time posters are naming it as well. But the server details, were only showing 1 unique login recently. Its weird, as the metadata for that, is from what I’ve experienced not changed by server crashes, or re-installs. If I am remembering right, when I’ve cleared save data and re-installed, but kept a server name and config, that data persisted.

This is my first funcom account. Only made it to report these dudes. Why don’t you stop pretending you are smarter than everyone and either be helpful, or stfu.

I don’t get it then, why didn’t you try submitting a support ticket? Or making a post in players helping players? Why servers and recruitment?

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