Spider pets on Siptah!

Hey guys,
Anyone can tell me where to find spider eggs I siptah? I don’t think I’ve seen any merchant selling them…

Focus Altar Center - T2/T3/T4 Surge (Jhebbal Sag Followers/Menagerie Keeprs/Children of Jhebbal Sag)

Really? I got tons of locusts but no spider egg…

yeah locust drop a lot, too much but maybe try a t3 because the locust is not in that one.

this one still state flawless but i doubt the rest of the drops have changed:

You can purchase spider eggs from the castaway camp north.


oh good to know, the only reason I go there is for glass flasks.

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Only 10 coins a piece so you could make an army of spiders pretty fast :blush:

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As a former owner of a pet Atrax Robustus, I support more spider pets.

Thanks, I didn’t know that either!
“There are things that money can’t buy, and for the rest, 10 gold coins is usually the price”

There is a friendly camp in the north of the island that sells them for some gold coin…try there.

that reddit should be updated, it still says u need eldarium to summon surge, and actually some of ‘‘dops’’ are total different…

sure, tell that to the author or make one yourself and share with us. even outdated it is a still very good summary.

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