Spiked Weapon Fitting Nerfed too hard

I noticed the nerfing on this was way too hard to even make it useable.

It’s like you’re better off going for damage upgrade than armor penetration.

The reason why I liked armor penetration initially is that so daggers could actually do some damage on high armor opponents since the base damage was already low. Can we have this adjusted please? as the increase it gives is laughable and not really useable which makes this high tier upgrade not worth it.

Well, tbh, the “upgrades” don’t feel like upgrades except for the tool efficiency kit.

EDIT: I’m actually comparing my ancient daggers with 26 damage and 27% armor pen to my flawless hardened steel daggers with 32 damage and 13% armor pen. The difference is huge since my ancient daggers has an armor pen close to 30% while the flawless hardened steel ones have a little over 10%.