Spin-off games?

While I don’t own a PC anymore and strictly use console, PS4, I do remember the days of spin offs of PC games. I remember when the first Half Life dropped, oh how I loved the graphics and d the locations andndnd how later, I’d play Counter strike and then ARMA andndnd then the spin offs of Day of Defeat, Insurgency and all the rest. Shift to console… Grand Theft auto games come out, we move to #4, as andndnd nilly the other games w er e great, but GTA4, every company from 2013 and up copied games to the same game engine. Now the unreal game engine is amazing and has been with us for quite some time.

When I purchased Conan Exiles, I purchased the PC version by mistake as it came with it a Space survival game. Sadly, I with it hold never get to play that. I did find the reviews to call that game as crap. Nonetheless, I traded those in for the PS4 version.

I love Conan Exiles, I love the survival, base defence, building, crafting, etc… I withithouldant to see similar games like this that are as involved. I wish Funcom, would cater to console as much as results they do PC. I wish, I could purchase more of their titles. So on that note, can or will Funcom, spin-off the Conan Exiles and take us into the present or future or?

You can get a peak of what Funcom has planned via their public quarterly financial reports. Here’s the link to the pretty picture version of said latest report (Q1 2019). Head to the 3rd to last page.

Note: If the game that is listed hasn’t been given a formal announcement (or is marked top secret), what you see is what you get, we don’t know anything else. We also don’t know what’s further in store beyond what’s listed, that goes for unannounced games/plans or future plans for existing titles such as Conan Exiles, Mutant Year Zero, or Conan Unconquered.

Awesome, yet, 90% of their titles are PC only games, correct? So, no chance for fully releasing to the console market? Mostly due to porting issues?

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