Spoil: next DLC


We can find information in testlive files (defaultgame.ini)

It’s coming and it’s about Argos.

Would be cool, informations soon, funcom ?


Argos? Could that mean we get ships as well? As far as I know Argos is a seafaring nation in the Hyborian Age.

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i saw it, but nothing about ship was teased…So, i don’t know…and actual map is not very adapted for boat gameplay.

But it’s a possibility, a lot of dlc was thinked with new feature patch (riders of hyboria > mounts, for example.)

I assume…

  • Clothing based on sea fairyer styles. (maybe even Pirate outfit for lolz) Skimpy Part II? =p

  • Boat place-able, Little jhetty, 1 sail boat. (placeable, not useable)

  • Anchors and other boat place-ables. (Turning wheel etc)

  • cross fingers Docks-Piers. That can be place at shore.

  • Some new wall mounts, (shark head, hammer head, Large eel Head. )


Here are a couple links with more information on Argos.



One important feature of Argos equipment is that their shields have built in lanterns in them, basically allowing their guards to see better at night. Though if they are going to see style DLC they may take some inspiration from sea bearing nations like Athens of ancient Greece and other nations of the past.

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I agree with most of what you have just said @Sera67.

We can only hope! :crossed_fingers:

Even better if that means we will be getting actual swimming, combatable water predators/enemies such as Sharks and Piranhas (thumbs up for new trophies made from them too).

There is apparently already a ‘Lantern Shield’ in the game, but its not currently implemented. I wonder if it could be coming into the vanilla game…

Also I know its a longshot here, but wouldnt it be nice if we got got a fully implemented, working
:fish: Dagon Religion :octopus: complete with an altar with it…! Well we can always dream.


Always ready for more in game phats to decorate my base with.

Given what the country is named after I’d normally guess that we’d be getting a Greek-flavored DLC, but the Aquilonian set already covered the Greco-Roman angle so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Putting on our tinfoil hats, maybe Funcom is planning a boat update, because while this map isn’t really made to accommodate boats the new one will be???


Great minds think alike. Sailing and piracy have been major themes in the original Robert E. Howard stories, and Conan himself was a pirate on at least two different occasions in his life (three if you count that one time when he captured a ship while a king-in-exile).


I hope that in one of the coming DLCs or even a content update that we will recieve some more storage options. For example, a Chest of Drawers, Barrels, a Bookcase, etc. Also some re-skins of our existing Chests and Cupboards would be nice too.

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I thought Argos were closed during the lockdown? Oh wait, different Argos. Nevermind…

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