Spoil timers decrement by 20 seconds after a few seconds, repeatedly

All items that spoil, spoil much faster than they are supposed to. Timer jumps by 20 seconds every 5 seconds or so. @Funcom_Community

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I just noticed this as well. It causes everything you own to decay stupidly fast. Best I could do to alleviate it is to set the decay time multiplier to .1 and hope that everything we have stocked up isn’t gone by the time I get back from work.

I can confirm as well, and I did a little bit of testing.
Currently playing on Official Server # 1575 PvP - g-portal,us

I did 3 trials with “20-minute” torches and recorded how long they actually lasted with a stopwatch app on my phone.

Torch 1: 4 minutes 5.87 seconds
Torch 2: 4 minutes 2.12 seconds
Torch 3: 4 minutes 1.54 seconds

This comes out rather close to an 80% reduction in spoilage times - which means that everything is spoiling 5 times faster than it should.

From what i can tell, it seems like every 5 seconds the timer “loses” 20 seconds - which the data above seems to corroborate (in 20 seconds of real time, the timer counts down 20 seconds normally and you “lose” 20 seconds 4 times, for a total timer reduction of 100 seconds: an 80% reduction)

I do not have actual data for food spoilage yet, but it seems to be suffering the exact same way as the torches. Same for Yellow lotus potions.

I have at least 5 other people on the server who are noticing this as well. Please help before we all die from the famine of 2018, and not from numerous stab wounds like Crom intended.


Yeah I’m noticing this on #1940. It’s a pretty serious bug right? It feels like a good way to up the difficulty level (not that I’m looking for this) but also sort of renders certain strategies obsolete like cooked fish for thrall food, pretty much can only use gruel now. I hope this is not intentional, certainly doesn’t seem so with the weird time jumping decay timer.

No response to this massive bug…? Is there a thread elsewhere? Can’t find it anywhere. They can’t be ignoring this can they?

I meant to confirm this one yesterday as well, and point out that it happens on every server type that I can see. (Official, Dedicated, Coop, Singleplayer) It never does not happen. This and the broken trade bug I reported on are seriously game breaking and I am blown away that it hasn’t been fixed/rolled back yet.

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