Spoil . you know it?

Imagine a giant enemy who has a lot of life and powerfull. who is Being surrounded by 30 slaves.

what would happen?

A. run you’res all in the sh…

B. (puff = stupid) he cant move he is completely blocked :discopug: :bongocat:

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I pick option “b” because I have no idea what the hell a “puff” is

I wanna see a puff please

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Haha .it was a way of saying it’s stupid .

I saw comments from people who had problems with the big stone monster. is so i think this is a solution

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if I understand the game system correctly.

there is an attack limit. when several living things are gathered in the same place.

they cannot all attack at the same time.

some will remain motionless

so therefore the enemies will be disadvantaged. and remain afk . (not valid for players)

I mean very useful during a purge

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Oh, i had to read bellow to understand :rofl:. How did it go?
My guess is that the 30 followers could win, but if they are exiles i can’t say.
But i can tell you this.
Once i placed 5 lvl 0 Berserkers, without Xtra gear, just what they spawn with to fight the king scorpion, guess the outcome. I placed exotic feast on their inventory only.

I don’t think 5 is enough.

try at least with 10 fighters.

I don’t know the exact attack limit

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I think I have a video on my pc.

when i play i show you .

(hope I didn’t have delete it)

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Cool, the scorpion king however crushed them all like bugs.
Placing too many thralls against one opponent probably will break the game performance.
Watch it because it may work the other way, only the rocknose to spin and the 30 followers to crash and do nothing waiting for their death sentence. I don’t think devs calculated this behavior, so it’s kinda risky, you never know what will work and what not in situations like it.
But honestly, it’s not necessary.
All you need is a shield with good durability and some potions.

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The problem with this happens to be that only five of the 30 will attack the giant enemy. I have enough thralls in my base and have tested this. An enemy will agro every thrall that is within 100 meters of them. It is funny to watch 40 archers scrambling to get a shot at the panther that lives outside my west gate when only 5 of them will shoot at him.


OK, I said wrong information on the numbers.

is so I hope you will report this information to the developer.

it doesn’t make sense that many of them don’t do anything :laughing:.

but once the enemy is surrounded by several slave.

he cannot attack. I tried that on a big dragon.

I don’t know if it works on all enemies

Sorry. at least i’m not looking for a hole to hide :discopug:

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It is my understanding that it is by design. They do not want a player getting swarmed by 30+ attacking thralls.

Think about it this way if I had a private server.

You join my server and form a clan. It is well known that my clan is filthy stinking rich, and we do not go out collecting resources since we have several years of supplies of everything and grow all of our food.

After a lengthy discussion with a more minor clan, you convince them to attack and that your clan will attack from a different direction. Before the appointed time, you discover that one of their members was trying to scout their planned attack point and became a pincushion when he got too close to the archers on the wall. They are informing your clan that they are pulling out. Their clan leader advised that the base walls looked like they were covered by ants swarming to stop an intruder.


Your sure?

I german puff means brothel :innocent: :rofl:


personally it doesn’t bother me.

I like to run.

I would have liked to have a knife to run towards players and kill them instantly in a realistic way :bongocat: hehe it’s a survival game :bongocat:

I did not know.

thank you for the information

  1. If the enemy is truly powerful and the slaves are not strong enough to defeat or restrain the enemy, then it is possible that attempting to fight or confront the enemy may result in failure or danger to oneself and others. In this case, running away or seeking help may be the safer option.
  2. If the slaves are skilled or well-equipped enough to overpower the enemy, then they may be able to defeat or restrain the enemy. However, it is important to note that violence or force is not always the best solution and nonviolent approaches should be considered as well.
  3. It is unclear what is meant by “puff he can’t move he is completely blocked.” If this is a reference to a magical or supernatural ability, then it is not possible to determine the outcome as it is outside the realm of physical possibility.
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