Spoiler alert you will be offended

it was on the discord of my server, it was too hard to resist

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Stop by the forums on any random day, half the threads are complaints about hackers running amuck, servers getting ddos’d, undermeshers, persistent bugs, begging for balance changes… meanwhile funcom comes along with WE ADDED PONIES!

Ah well. You can only do so much I guess.


Lol, you have to give them credit though… people have been begging for ponies for over a year so maybe funcom wanted to stop hearing them crying first.
It might take more time for bug fixing because people don’t tend to complain too long when the game is not working as they think it should. They just leave and start playing something else (or play on heavily modded private servers). People who wanted ponies don’t really care if the game is broken as long as they can ride :slight_smile:


mhm spend money they said. it will ease the pain they said xD

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