[Spoilers] Can't get purple relic after I cleared Lair of Horned Devil map without triggering Mec unit


So I’ve just cleared the Lair of Horn Devil? map without any of the enemies alerting each other and as a result, the big Mimir unit in the warehouse is not triggered. I cannot proceed with the story as I cannot activate an ambush against the Mimir unit because the unit is still unpowered. Please fix the bug so I can get the relic!! Thanks!!


Isn’t that just an optional area?


Ah yes, you’re absolutely right. I just want to get the purple relic sitting right in front of the warehouse. I’ve edited my post. My bad! Still can’t get it atm.


Yeah, i ran into the same issue… it must be because they didn’t expect you to be able to do it? i would post images, but i’m too new to be allowed that… I Hog rushed the Boss, and killed her before she could get up to respond/ call for help, and was then able to snipe everyone from the top of the building with silenced weapons and good timing


Imgur links work


Same here even though the mimir did activate, unable to get the relic


Same here, even after today’s patch (dec 10)


Mine doesn’t… i got myself an Imgur, but it won’t let me post the link at all… probably because newbie, again