Spooktacular Bike race in Seoul: October 17th

The streets of Seoul will be the arena for this high octane race, as players try to complete the track as fast as they can. Participants are limited to Sprint IV max, and bikes with boosts should not be used.
Anyone using boosts, teleports, movement enhancing drugs or cutting the track will be disqualified!

Date: 17th October, 18:00 UTC
Please note that the track goes around certain features like trees and the anima well.
Race start will be signalled via an anniversary flare and countdown in general chat.


  • 1st: 50 Resplendent Talisman Fragments, 25 Elaborate Glyph Fragments, Filthy Templar Spacesuit, an Arachno Cycle mount, 5 red Kaidan Container Keys, 2 orange Kaidan Container Keys, and 9 epic Kaidan Container Keys.

  • 2nd: 30 Resplendent Talisman Fragments, 15 Elaborate Glyph Fragments, 2 red Kaidan Container Keys, 6 orange Kaidan Container Keys, and 9 epic Kaidan Container Keys.

  • 3rd: 20 Resplendent Talisman Fragments, 10 Elaborate Glyph Fragments, 4 orange Kaidan Container Keys, and 20 epic Kaidan Container Keys.


Is this the first time you guys have put on this race?

Yes, this is the first time we’ve run it. :smiley:

Thanks. I’m having login problems (started today), but if they’re resolved, I’ll enter.


I have a question about the finish. Which of the following paths are permitted?
I’m assuming green is good, and purple is illegal, but what about red?

Passing on the car side of the gap in the lines follows the track. Taking the red route would be cutting track, but we’ll have someone stood there to provide a physical marker that racers need to go around.

I’ll be providing some more information tomorrow morning about the route and race information :slight_smile:

Thanks - good to know.

Another question: is it legal to go over the curb across the road from the PC Blackhole?

It’s really fun doing that!


Yes, that route will be ok :slight_smile:

We will be providing several race marshals to help ensure no-one takes shortcuts or uses boosts. There will be some locations where the track will involve going around marshals who are stood in the streets. You must pass on the correct side of the marshal indicated on the map, or will be considered to be cutting track.

You can see the relevant marshals as yellow circles with a red border on the map below:
racing track
As long as you follow the track and pass on the correct side of the marshal, it’s all good :smiley: There will be other marshals monitoring the race, but you won’t need to swerve around them all!

I will be in Seoul 15 mins before the race start, and will be announcing in General and LFG chat channels when the race is about to begin, so anyone wanting to take part will be able to meet up on me then to get into the right instance.

Thanks for that detailed answer, and the enhanced map.

Just to be sure, as long as we go around the trees and the anima well, and pass on the right side of the marshals, hopping curbs, etc, is OK?

That’s correct! You can choose your own racing line, as long as you stay on the correct side of the track indicators, (anima well, trees and relevant marshals) :grin:

Thanks - there are some interesting alternative lines to try!

To help spread out the racers a bit, we’ve decided that the race will run for 2 laps of the track. This will be confirmed in game before the start of the race too :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone who took part in the race!

Our winners were:
1st - Skyye
2nd - Polin
3rd - OkayOk

We can’t run these events without people who take part, so a huge thank you to everyone who came out for it!

We’re currently discussing the idea of another race later in the event, we’ll put up a new post if we do decide to :smiley:

Our first place racer Skyye, showing off their wheels!


Have you guys decided whether or nor to have a 2nd race?