Spooky Screenshot Contest 🦇 (NOW CLOSED!)

Skeletons! Specters! Shackles! Scythe-wielding reapers! Slices of bad pizza! Spiders! Stupid jokes! Other spooky things and matters that start with an S! It’s scary season, ya’ll. To celebrate, we’re holding a screenshot contest.

Give us your best and creepiest or Halloween themed screenshot! We will judge them in the following categories:

  • Best screenshot in Conan Exiles
  • Best screenshot in Secret World Legends
  • Best screenshot in Anarchy Online
  • Best screenshot in Age of Conan

We’ll be judging based on originality, creativity, and spooky/creepyness.
To enter, please attach your one and best screenshot to an email and send it to: contest@funcom.com
Be sure to title the subject line: Screenshot Contest: GAME
Just replace “game” with the name of the game you’re entering for.

We will pick one winner from each category. The winner of each category will win a 11x17 inch poster (cash value of $20) shown below for the game they entered it for, signed by developers, and shipped to you:

Secret World Legends

Age of Conan

Anarchy Online

Conan Exiles


  • No mods! We want to keep it fair between everyone and those on consoles for Conan Exiles.
  • Do not edit the screenshot. You may resize the image but no additions and changes to the screenshot itself.
  • Conan Exiles players may use Ansel and the admin panel.
  • Entries may be disqualified for being incomplete, inappropriate for this contest or not following rules at judge’s sole discretion.
  • All judging will be done by Funcom staff and decisions of judges are final and at their sole discretion.
  • One screenshot per game per person.
  • Entries will only be counted if they are submitted through contest@funcom.com
  • If you are chosen as the winner, we will require a shipping address in order to send the poster to you. Shipping is paid for by Funcom. All winners are responsible for any local taxes or fees. Your address will be removed from our system after shipping.
  • You’re welcome to share your screenshot after submitting them to the email address.
  • The list of winners will be posted (on the Funcom forums) within 20 days of contest closing.
  • Contest sponsor is Funcom Oslo AS.
  • Odds of winning dependent on number of entries.

Entries must be submitted before 2019-11-01T03:59:00Z. Winners will be announced Wednesday, November 6th. Prizes will be shipped in the week after in order to get them printed and signed.