Spreadman Casting Call Thread

Greetings Hyborians!

Some of you may have heard, some may have not, that I’m currently filming an episodic series within the game Age of Conan similar to the Machinima miniseries that was filmed back in 2008-2009 titled “Roleplayin.”

It was highly entertaining and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

The difference being that my series is going to be in 2K high definition with stunning visuals, color corrections, soundtracks etc. Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

It will be a scheduled premiere on my Twitch channel live for all my viewers and will end up on my Youtube Channel where all subsequent episodes will air.

It started out small but it’s evolved into something larger.

The episodes are going to be composed of 10+ minute segments but will contain a large overall story totaling a few hours of content. Much like every Netfix series out there.

Just so happens I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, and I’m trying my hand at Writing / Directing plus this is a lot of fun! Could definitely see myself doing this for a living. One can dream right?

The Story:
It’s about an rough around the edges anti hero (think Witcher meets Duke nukem) who finds himself caught up in circumstances beyond his control and winds up on an epic adventure to save Hyboria! That’s all the detail I can give you right now so stay tuned.

Just FYI filming is already underway on the first episode!

I will post regular casting calls to this thread, so if you’re interested in any of the listed roles reach out to me either here or on discord or even in game!

You’ll be required to bring your own vanity clothing so characters with lots of vanity clothing… I want you!

I’ll even reimburse you if you need to, and are willing to transfer your toon/s from Crom to Fury for the duration of the shoot!
*I would ask that you do not transfer your toon prior to being selected for the part. Those selected who need to transfer over will be reimbursed.

*Disclaimer: Funcom only allows transfers between servers once every 30 days per toon so once you transfer you’ll be stuck for the next month.

Interviews and in game auditions can be conducted on either Fury or Crom in the City of Tortage and on discord. All welcome to join!

Voiceover roles will be done on my discord studio channel.



All roles are filled for the first episode, Stay tuned for the next casting call to be announced after the series premiere on my twitch channel


More will be added or deleted as we go.


You know man, I am honest when I say your in-game presence annoys the living daylights out of me, the caps, the repeating 3 times (in caps) of quasi tasteless language, and the incessant twitch ads.

BUT this is very cool, creative and surprises the, well living daylights out of me. I call BS when I see it, but I give props when due.

Let me say, good job my man, keep it up and best of luck. :beers:

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My friend camney is from Vietnam have you asked him about the beautiful Khitan role yet? His voice is the combination of warm honey mixed with melted butter with a hint of soy sauce.



Good luck with this! Looks like it we be fun. I enjoyed the original series, and wish that it could have continued.


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That’s all in well but I’m looking for a female Asian accent. Tho he does sound a little girly :smirk:

Updated casting role,

Looking for female voice to do voiceover stuff over discord. Any accent is welcomed.

Camney can do Vietnamese female. He’s from Hanoi.

Send him my way I’ll give him a shot

To all

Check casting roles daily for updates

Now offering Steam cards as compensation. I realize people’s time is valuable and I aim to make it worth your while. All inquires should be directed to Spreadman in Discord

Really? Nobody wants to take Spreads :moneybag:? :thinking: