Spring (aka Easter) &/or release anniversary events

As Funcom has announced they are not planning to have Christmas/Winter Solstice events this year due to personnel and time constraints, I was thinking they may appreciate players ideas to celebrate for Spring Equinox/Easter and/or the first anniversary of the games release earlier rather than later … so they can discuss-decide-design and internally test after Christmas.
Easter is 21st April and the anniversary is 8th May, so they could run into each other as a double celebration.

A couple I had were:

Increase in baby animal spawns at Easter as it’s spring in the northern hemisphere and if Conan exiles lands are placed in the northern part of the planet this would fit.

Rabbits we can tame - either enable us to pick up rabbits in the wild or add a baby rabbit that we can purchase from an NPC vendor similar to the camels.
When placed in the world the bunnies would do a small set of animations … hop in small path/circles, clean ears, go into “alert” position, stop and stratch ears

(More ideas to follow, as I had to stop typing to get off my train to go to work)

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