Sprinting/Climbing/Rolling with the New Stamina System

I think the new combat feels good (In PVE, at least) but there’s some weirdness in being able to sprint more-or-less nonstop so long as you jog for a split second to regain a bit of stamina, and similarly dodging can more or less be chained forever by a player that wishes to avoid combat. The ability to avoid combat already makes PVP last a long time, so I’m a bit scared to see how that looks after the update. The fact that “breaks” are less of a thing during climbing might be a QoL improvement, but it does make exploring feel a little less ‘real.’

What comes to mind as a fix for dodging is to only allow dodging after being reduced to zero stamina if there is enough regenned stamina in the bar to pay the full cost, this limitation being reset once Stamina reaches 100% again.

I’m not sure what one can do about my climbing and sprinting issue. If starting to climb or sprint cost a bit more stamina, similar to initiating a dodge, then the same rule as above might be applied, I suppose, without making the continuous cost of sprinting or climbing higher.


I like the dodge idea. Needing the full amount of stam to spend will stop complete spam.

I suggest an unique regen delay after sprinting, and possibly a short debuff if you exhaust it completely.


Stamina regen could start slower and ramp up to full speed after a few seconds of not dodging or sprinting

I think just requiring a minimum % of stamina to dodge would help with the dodge spam, so at least it’s not instant dodge the second you get 1 stam back, and it would give some benefit to using armors that allow more dodges

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