Sprints not working as fast as they should

Hi everyone,

Long story short, my sprint VI doesn’t seem to be as fast as it should be. Had fellow players complain in several scenarios that I couldn’t move fast enough :frowning:

Must admit that my sprint speeds seem lower than theirs despite having max VI. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how it was resolved if so.

And you didn’t accidentally change it in your sprintmenu? There is an option there to change the picked sprintspeed among the bought levels.

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No accidental change

That’s weird. Did you try to choose lower one and then highest one and check again?

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Yep, tried that but no success.

Have you checked your straight line runspeed against others to make sure you’re not imagining running slower?

Yep, tried that too. Other player seems to move much faster in scenarios even when I and other player are both at sprint VI.

You could try submitting a petition ticket in game. There’s not really much we can do here that hasn’t been suggested already, but a GM should be able to see what’s happening in game and hopefully fix it for you. :confused:

I’ll give that a try, many thanks.