Stability issue inherent to map mesh?

Game mode: Multiplayer Public and Private servers.
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: 1732 and Private “Heavy Friends” server.

Building location in map quadrant C12 (base of mountain on cliffside below Ymir trainer) seems to have stability issues inherent to the map mesh itself. Even if stability is 100, the build pieces take damage over time. No purge or animals have attacked these pieces in my builds. Using black ice, and DLC pieces to build. Same situation in two different servers. Rebuilding only restarts the process. Server message in log as, for example, Black ice reinforced wooden foundation (9) has lost stability.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Select build area at base of mountain on slope in C12 and build using black ice.
  2. Damage over time occurs.
  3. Build pieces “lose stability” and delete.
  4. Rebuilding only restarts the process.

Thanks in advance for looking into this. I’ve been playing since early access and have been building in the same locations. This seems to be a new problem for this area since the Ymir statue has been added to the cliffside below the Ymir trainer..



Hey @Kimiko

Welcome to our community.
Sending your report to our team so they can see if there’s something wrong in that area.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I have a few screenshots of the location and the anomaly, however the forum system will not let me post them. If you want them, please let me know and I will try to get them to you another way.


Buildings are decaying over time, or you have to disable the decay-system fully.

Don’t know from your post over how much time these elements lost stability like you said.
Equipe a repair-hammer, and check them, look at stability, and decay-timer.

Also like said, pictures are still very helpful to see clear in case of a real bug.
Link the pictures trough Imgur or such, or simply post them adding some letters, a moderator may post them for you.

I wasn’t able to post these before. But I am able to now. I hope these help in solving the issue. Thank you.

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Just wondering if there was any investigating done on this issue.


We’ve sent the feedback to our team, but they’re now focused on fixing a few critical issues that popped up in the latest patch. Once they’re done with that they’re going to give a look at this and other reports :slight_smile:

interesting. i have this happening to my northern base too. i just assumed it was getting nuked by meteors. i have been inside my base when it took a direct hit before. so far it’s blown up a ton but haven’t lost my shrine or map room thank crom. it’s just annoying when you can’t replace foundations that had a fence foundation on it without blowing up the fence foundations all around the hole first.

Hey @Kimiko,

thanks for the detailed feedback and pictures.
I know that place very well and because of your pictures I am 99% sure you get hit by Meteorites sometimes. You are definitely in the drop zone and also in the Red Area.



It’s not the meteorites. I know this because I rebuild right away and the damage effect I reported takes effect a moment after placement. The meteorites do hit near the wall and they very well may damage the structure. However this effect is a slow damage over time and drastic instability application independent of any purge, NPC or monster/animal damage or meteorite strikes.

I appreciate the input though. Thanks for considering the problem and offering insight.


Just a quick note:

I tried repairing the damaged pieces. It seemed to keep the repair value for a full server cycle, but then reverted back to the adverse condition as stated in the original post.


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I couldn’t find this problem on the bug tracker. Is it being looked at or is it not recognized as an issue?

Hey @Kimiko

Trello is not fully updated with all the issues we’re tracking at the moment (we’re using an internal tool for that). As per this issue, it’s awaiting confirmation by QA.

Thanks a bunch!

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Still having this issue.

I should also say that if this problem is happening it one area, it’s likely happening in others due to common code and shared dynamics. It may be worth looking into simply as a general QA pass.

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Thanks @Kimiko, will add this info to the report.

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