Stability Issues 1813



That’s too dangerous


crashed again at 11:20 pacific. seems like every 2 hours


yep. hope i dont lose all the gear I just remade…


quesiton - if a number of ppl leave our server because it keeps crashing what happens to the rest of us… and the time we’ve invested into this server…??? the server is basically unplayable…


we must be the only ones up past midnight.


@Mashmellow, thank you for the update yesterday. Hopefully the server issues can be resolved quickly. I appreciate you highlighting the situation to the right people.


@Mashmellow 1813 is down again…


Server down again 11:40 pacific time.


up for 10 min then crashed again 11:55


@Mashmellow Any news from the Dev team? Any type of ETA or has a problem been found?


Thanks for checking in!

No news at the moment. Apparently, the server isnt crashing but just kicking everyone out for some reason. The other servers that are hosted on the same machine are completely unaffected which is even weirder. G-portal is being talked to about the issue. I will update you all here when I have more information .


Thaks for the update Mashmellow! Keep us posted!


Seems to be working today. any update on what the issue was?


Looks like its doing it again. the server shows upbut i time out when trying to log in.


@mashmellow after a solid week of no issues it seems we are starting to encounter the same issue again. Server has kicked everyone and appears to be online but no one is able to connect.


Hi there,

We are aware of the issue reappearing. The devs are looking into it again.


Hi everyone on server 1813!!, i post this long time ago, hope they hear ur this time, and pls stop blaming clans of crashing the server jezz…


thnk u, and if its posible can u tell everyone whats the problem with the server, im getting tired of people been ■■■■■■ and blaming a clan of crashing the server in pvp times… cheers


Yepper. Happening again


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