Stability issues on server start up still exist. Official 1504

Game mode: Online official 1504
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas

Event log is full of loss of stability messages on server startup. This was reported numerous times while this patch was on testlive but it still persists with release. This time it destroyed 2 ladders, but nothing else was lost.

Offical server daily restart
login and check evenlog
see all the loss of stability messages.


Funcom have issues with the event log causing server crashes in some instances. They currently collecting more input as we have trouble reproducing this internally.

Hey @philman

The stability warning are a false alarm, but we’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback again.

Not all false 99 % are falls but some of them true we lose pice by pice each serever rr my mini base is soon goign to be swiss chees

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I had over 80 pieces loose stability over last night and today. Some to the point of breaking last night until our server admin turned off all decay to stop that. However the stability is still an ongoing issue and have watched some pieces within a minute go from stable to unstable on solid land masses within the last hour. I dropped pillars to help add extra support and watched as they dropped down to 90 or less stability.

Noticed the same issue on official 1510; we have reinforced brick pillars standing between black ice foundations and reinforced brick ceilings.

INFO FOR DEVS - Some pillars are remaining 100% stable after server restart; I’ve noticed that the ones that are losing stability are only clipped from one side, that is, the ceiling at one extremity is not aligned with the foundation at the opposite side, and I believe it has something to do with the said loss. Before server restart, the pillar is at a 100% stable (confirmed with the hammer). After restart, it dropped to 40.

UPDATE - Finally, it doesn’t seem limited to unaligned pieces (ceiling vs foundation, ceiling vs ceiling), as one of the pillars inside our castle has lost stability in the past 3 hours.

Hi @Ignasis, not sure they’re false alarms; since patch, I have the same kind of logs everyday before server restart and it matches the damages/losses I observed on my base compared to the previous day. We lost pillars, fully upgraded altars and wheel of pain, and despite our best efforts in reinforcing our base, we expect more losses to come. Thanks!

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Hey @DarkFaenix

Does this issue still happen after the last hotfix?

Mine have stopped since the latest hotfix. Thank you.

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Hi @Ignasis, I found nothing in the logs for this morning’s restart, and I checked every pillar and their Stability value remained the same as last night; this hotfix seems to do the trick! Thanks!!

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Hey @philman and @DarkFaenix

Thank you for confirming that this issue is fixed. Happy gaming! :slight_smile:

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