Stable Foundations & Ceilings

Game mode: [Online & Offline]
Problem: [ Misc]

Stable Foundations & Ceilings have no directional guide lines for placement.

You will waste more materials building beforehand and upgrading just to get the wood to face properly.
An unfortunate oversight.


I wish they would just standardize on using the “arrow” to point towards whatever they consider the front for the piece for all building materials. There’s mods for the PC that do this, but of course on consoles we’re stuck with whatever they choose to implement.


I agree they should have an arrow, the Frontier as well. On the stable pieces a tip I can give is that vertical “bar” that you see on the left will glow brighter in 1 spot than in the other 3, it’s what I used to be able to place them. I’ll try to post some pics later if you don’t see what I’m talking about.

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Hey @Zeb, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll register this matter for the developers to look into.


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