Stage lost stability as soon as I loaded in?

Anyone else get hit by the update? We stored alot of our chests on Stages (aware of low HP but were confident that no one was getting in to blow em) because they allow for a half foundation size for better stacking.

Anyway i loaded into a few official servers I’m in and the majority of my storage chests despawned at the time i logged in after the update and lost an absolute ton of resources. This is very annoying - is there anything Funcom can do at all?


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Hi @ShadyWar

We are aware of potential stability issues that have impacted the PC platform.
Can you please let us know if you are experiencing similar issues on Xbox platform?

You can read more here: Stages losing stability after recent update - #2 by Mayra

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yes my stage and the stage corner lost stability on xbox official too. twice actually, rebuild it because i didnt know what happened. placed on jamatai foundation. and 2 insulated wood staircases with railing on pillers lost stability too, just two in the middle of a 10pieces long staircase

Im on Xbox and the same happened to us. Our clan has two bases both with stage areas and both decayed on spawning in after the update. It’s not just stages though, a lot of our stormglass roof and foundation pieces also disappeared into thin air randomly around the base. A friend on the same server lost his entire crafting area and benches. I posted a bug report a while back about losing loads of boxes with high tier gear, as have other people, but I’ve never seen Funcom acknowledge a single post. People put hours and hours of work in to get resources and then they just disappear into thin air. It’s not good enough. It’s soul destroying to see things you work hard for just disappear for no reason and completely takes any fun out of the game. I think we’re probably done with this game to be honest.

Confirmed stage pieces lost total stability on singleplayer mode. Xbox One S. Only had 3 stage pieces, nothing important placed on them thankfully.

Hello everyone,

We’ve just posted an update regarding this issue here: Xbox Update 2.4.4 (27.05.2021) - New Zath Religion, Bug fixes, QoL and more! - #34 by Dana

Is it solved for te private servers to or do we need to change something in gportal ?
I saw something posted for the private pc servers
‘dw.DisableBuildingValidation’ but we don’t find it for console ( it could be because of the translation though)

For information, i had to replace all the stages i put down juste before the patch because all items i putted down on it after the patch disappeared instantly.

@Dana now its everything you put on the stages ho disappear !!:weary:

Thank you for the additional information. We will pass this over to the rest of the team and make sure they include this in the investigation of the issue.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work on this.

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