Stage tile set keeps disappearing

Howdy! Anyone know why the stage tiles keep disappearing since the latest patch? I can lay them down, but when I log back in they are gone. Any ideas?

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Yeah unfortunately my stage tiles went poof as well taking my whole band with them. Had a cool stage set up with every instrument in the game and of course stools for the musicians to sit at, candles yadda yadda. Went poof after the update

Maybe they finally got a record deal and left to follow their dreams.

Who are you to stand in the way of their dreams?

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Just another bug caused by an update. I lost my stage in my tavern also, but my three dancers live on.

I’ve been trying to figure out if it is part of a mod I have, or something in the game itself. Does anyone know? Thanks for the replies… I see I’m not alone, lol.

The stages? Nah, its the same without mods.

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Okay, thanks! I guess the Devs just have to fix it. :slight_smile:

Give it another try today. They fixed the stability issue last night and that seems to have stuck. I am thinking the stages are related as mine disappeared at the same time I lost my roofing.

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