Stagger Swagger made worse with lagger

I remember in an early stream that Joel said he didn’t want a time when you couldn’t do anything with your character. Well that moment is here as anyone with low or no stam and completely or mostly surrounded by enemies. Without stamina you can not kick to open a space and this game has no shove feature.

Now combine that with staggering and you have a recipe for stunlock from wow and we all know how many enjoyed being the receiving end of that. I am not sure if the overpowering of stagger and stagger combined with no stamina was intentional or not .

You do know that warriors who used a shield when stunned or staggering back instinctually raised their shield to ward off the next attack that was almost always was coming their way ? There seems to be an overreliance on stamina as an doing anything power meter which again Joel said was not ever supposed to be in the game.

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u can off hand kick and get space

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  1. Pay attention to your stamina meter, don’t let it run dry during combat.
  2. Don’t get surrounded by enemies.
  3. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Being out of stamina while fighting multiple opponents is a bad spot, even worse if you let them surround you

But it makes sense from multiple points of view. Real fighters get gassed, and lose fights because of it. Muhammad Ali became the greatest of all time utilizing his rope-a-dope technique to exhaust his opponent’s

From a game play perspective it also makes sense in my opinion. Every action has a cost, do I risk running out of stamina to finish off one opponent quickly knowing that I’ll be temporarily gassed, or do I use that last bit of stamina to create some distance?

Cool so when can we eye gouge and leg sweep, full nelson into body shield, push ppl back with a shield, throw rocks, elbow, cut spear hafts, throw dirt in someones eyes, etc, etc. The fact of the matter is being “gassed” would not especially after your character has access to good food and enough water being how good of shape we can see our guy/gal is in happen as quick.

The bottomline is the window is too small and shoving back doesn’t take nearly as much as you or apparently Funcom as well thinks it does. And Joel did say that there would NOT be EVER a time that we could not do something to fight back.

Also one more thing. Explain how you can prevent mobs from surrounding you when they are porting around like wraiths do to lag on the server ? Obvious we do not live in a perfect world and the window to do anything with current stamina use is too small.

If you are running out of stamina too often try to invest in grit and wear lighter armor, pick your fights

I’m not sure why you’re conflating stamina use and lag, of course if you’re lagging everything in the game will be harder?

I can’t really offer any suggestions about lagging other than try a different server and other boilerplate responses.

Lag sucks and I understand the frustration it can cause, but I think stamina itself is working as intended

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And I disagree and hope this style is still being tweaked.

So you want to evade when out of stamina. here is a thought evade when you are low on stamina instead. It is called paying attention and not spam attacking.

I have payed attention, however you did not when I said not evading I said pushing or shoving and this was also about staggering allowing way more than even someone kicking you away.

The issue was about being able to do something at all times as one of the lead devs of this game said we would always have. Your post was answered already before, though that didn’t prevent you from trying to imply that I was a poor at the game.

No, I was implying that you want to have no consequence for not watching a very easy to see stamina bar. Get your implies right.

In every game, the best FUN mechanics have some sort of risk reward. If I know I can shove, push, kick, evade without stamina, why would I even worry about spamming non stop attacks?

Explain how you nonstop attacking while a the same time shoving, kicking, pushing, and evading. Stop with the theatrics . This is not a turn based game where the same sequences will earn you victory most times.

This is a real time at least as far as combat is concerned . Unpredictable is supposed be the name of the game, but it seems that you want a light, light, heavy, dodge or some other static sequence like in WoW that will if use always make sure you have just enough stam to do it all over again.

With the way stamina usage is there is not much space for unpredictably in pvp and even less in pve. Large group run dart in attack once or twice and retreat otherwise the programed mobs will surround you and half the time ignore the kick you used to break free , but that is ok as the game refunds that stamina…nope sorry little joke there.

Unpredictability in PvE is a moot point anyway because the NPCs don’t even try to read our movements. They just repeat their own attack patterns.

As far as PvP goes, well, I’m no expert, but from the videos I’ve seen, attacking your unsuspecting victim from behind seems to be the name of the game. Is that unpredictable enough, or should they add some more Spanish Inquisition to the game?

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I play PvE(and C) and the stunlocking is very hard to deal with.

In my opinion combat should be fun, not frustrating. Being stunlocked is very frustrating and far from fun.
Being stunlocked feels a bit RNG… sometimes you wouldn’t get stunlocked but the other time you are.
But when you fight for example a cimmerian berseker and if they don’t get stunlocked by you, they just full combo slam you to death (yes I use shield but pushing the CTRL key down often doesn’t work).

I solo the boss in the wine cellar dungeon, it was hell with so many add spawns chasing you stunlocking you… you can only run but you can’t fight… since this combat forces you to get stunlocked.

In my opinion…:

  • Stunlocking should be removed completely, or only with some of the heavy slow weapons (great axe, hammer for example).
  • Shield should always raise when the key is pressed down (after you finish your animation of course). I’m talking about the bug when you press the key, but your character refuses to raise shield.
  • Combat should be smooth, and not interrupted all the time.
  • Ai should react to your movements, seriously AI should be improved a lot, it is very bad and takes away the challenge (unless you get stunlocked to death lol yaay…).
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If I remember this was one of the Dungeons they added to be more group content, thus trying to solo will be extremely difficult.

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Yeah I felt that being difficult

Nonetheless the reason it being hard shouldn’t be the stunlock mechanic (not the boss his knock up but the add spawns stunlocking is what botters me)

Yes, yes , oh god yes please.

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I highly suggest watching my movement tutorial (you can mute it if you don’t like the music):

Sadly, the animation cancel part is gone, making the combat way more clunky.

This is also relevant:

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Thanks, yeah I already have a pretty high FOV and the movement settings are the same as in the video.

And here is an example, how I handle “getting stagger swaggered” situations.

(Video might still be processed, because YouTube is slow)

The only mod which I am using there is Hosav’s UI mod. This is also on testlive.


This issue should seriously be addressed… the stun locking is tedious with a all the lag teleporting

Why has this even been changed? I don’t think the combat has improved at all over the last 2 years… it just got more frustrating and annoying.

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