Stair placement bug/glitch

In the attempt to build my base on the water I have run into an issue when trying to place stairs. I already have 2 sets of stairs placed in a similar manner to a 3rd that I’m attempting to erect. Yet the 3rd stair will not place like the other 2 despite there not being any stability issues.

The set of stairs in question are the one’s in the back of the screenshot.

I play SP, Exiled Lands, with no mods.

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Turns out that this is an issue with stability. Even though the game was showing that I could place the stairs where I wanted but not oriented the way I wanted. I ran into this multiple times while trying to get stairs around my tower. I do not understand why I can place the stairs in a totally nonsensical orientation but not the one that makes sense. Still it is tied to stability. Sorry for the waste of a thread.

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