Stamina change not good for real battle

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]

This latest change to stamina is really NOT GOOD for battle.
it made way more sense to let the stamina gauge fill fully as you back away from fights before able to use. This way you can easily retreat as your gauge builds fully then turn and fight hard. BUT NOW, as you try to back away your stamina builds back a micro and is used instantly which leaves you backing away with no stamina able to build UNLESS YOU STOP FOR A MOMENT and then slowly move again but that’s all it takes to get killed by Berserkers or Relic Hunters.

Also it is extremely annoying moving whilst encumbered you can no longer just walk fluidly, you literally have to stop/ start , or continually ease off.

the changes to stamina have hindered the fluidity of movement. Made more sense to let the gauge fully build before able to use.


Stop sprinting. As soon as your stamina depletes you need to stop sprinting and just walk. It only uses again if your sprinting. I keep messing it up myself.

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BAZ1704 never raised it as a bug , it was raised as performance issue.
And changes that are not an enhancement should always be challenged


Agreed the heading has updates and bugs. He should have not been flagged.

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