Stamina Changes and Thralls?

I select them very carefully from capture, training, refining perks, gear, etc. Each thrall is special. They are not cannon fodder. That’s what zombies are for and I’ll have none of that in my base! :smile:


Yeah, I also give each one illusioned armor that’s unique to the thrall.


And I like having medium tier thralls too. They are unviable now, let alone with less health and harder purges. Ridiculous. I don’t know what they are thinking, really.

Same here. The best armor transmorfed to fit each one. Weapons too.
For what? For having them dying in droves? We can’t customize thralls. We get a few we like every so often. As I said, they are not cannon fodder.

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Anyway, they will cut back on our HP and the HP of everything. Why? Luck will play an even greater role, so will lag spikes, etc.
Instead of mitigating these problems, lower hp will make them worse. Seriously guys?


Did some testing with some common “best” thralls to see what I could discover. I spawned 6 of each Dalinsia, a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (RHTS) Fighter, and a Cimmerian Berserker (CB) and then used admin commands to get them all to 20. I then picked the highest natural attribute for vitality of each and gave them elixirs of rebirth until they had +28 vitality each. (You can see the full rolls below, if you’re curious).

Thrall Rolls
  • Dalinsia:
    • Level 1 AoW: 30 vitality = 2745 health
    • Level 1 Live: 30 vitality = 3106 health
    • Level 20 AoW:
      • #1: 45(+6) vitality = 3549 health
      • #2: 49(+9) vitality = 3817 health
      • #3: 46(+3) vitality = 3472 health
      • #4: 59(-3) vitality = 3741 health
        • Elixir of Rebirth: 59(+28) vitality = 4928 health
      • #5: 50(-2) vitality = 3434 health
      • #6: 47(+13) vitality = 3894 health
  • Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker
    • Level 1 AoW: 10 vitality = 1763 health
    • Level 1 Live: 10 vitality = 3030 health
    • Level 20 AoW:
      • #1: 27(-5) vitality
      • #2: 38(+5) vitality
        • Elixir of Rebirth: 38(+28) vitality = 4111 health
      • #3: 31(-2) vitality
      • #4: 30(+8) vitality
      • #5: 38(+3) vitality
      • #6: 28(+6) vitality
  • Cimmerian Berserker
    • Level 1 AoW: 30 vitality = 2549 health
    • Level 1 Live: 30 vitality = 2884 health
    • Level 20 AoW:
      • #1: 53(-3) vitality = 3295 health
      • #2: 53(+5) vitality = 3544 health
      • #3: 50(-2) vitality = 3189 health
      • #4: 53(+18) vitality = 4007 health
      • #5: 48 vitality = 3189 health
      • #6: 55 vitality = 3438 health
        • Elixir of Rebirth: 55(+28) vitality = 4434 health

Dalinsia #4, RHTS #2, and CB #6 each received epic Hyperborean Slaver Armor and a star metal mace, as well as 50 exotic feast and, one by one, I took to a few locations to test survivability and damage. I stayed in creative mode to let the thrall do their thing. They also healed back to full before each fight.

  • Dalinsia’s Stats:
    • 32 Strength | 16 Agility | 59(+28) Vitality | 20 Grit
    • 4928 health | 1060 armor
    • Melee multiplier = 2.236 (live = 1.118)
  • RHTS’s Stats:
    • 23 Strength | 42 Agility | 38(+28) Vitality | 30 Grit
    • 4111 health | 1140 armor
    • Melee multiplier = 1.677 (live = 1.118)
  • Berserker’s Stats:
    • 39 Strength | 15 Agility | 55(+28) Vitality | 24 Grit
    • 4434 health | 1092 armor
    • Melee multiplier = 2.34 (live = 1.12)
Dalinsia Fight Details
  • Cimmerian Berserker 1v1: CB dead in basically 4-5 hits. He got one hit off on her and did about 200 pts of damage, taking her to 4720 hp.
  • Mounds of Dead (with bearer) 1v4: Bearer I dead in literally 1 hit. The other 3 were fighters (2 III and 1 II) and she took all 3 out with her health dropping to about 3000.
  • Well of Skelos exterior entrance 1v2: Health dropped to 1305 before she killed 2 tier III fighters. Her reaction time was incredibly bad and she got to half health before she even got a single attack off.
  • Well of Skelos interior 1v1 1v3: She dead. This fight started out as a 1v1 and was going fine but the call for help radius was enough that the 2 thralls on either side engaged shortly after combat began. Once the first went down (she had appx 3400 hp at this point), Dalinsia ended up stuck not attacking at all and was quickly taken down by the 2 Hyborian Fighter III NPCs.
RHTS Fight Details
  • Cimmerian Berserker 1v1: Fight took a little longer, RHTS went down to 2788 hp before winning.
  • Mounds of the Dead 1v4: Dropped to 3500 health by the end of the fight so he definitely fared better here and managed to kill all 4. Same make-up of fighters as Dalinsia, but a Bearer II.
  • Well of Skelos exterior entrance: Fought two Hyborian III fighters, dropped to around 2715 hp. He did not have the same issues as Dalinsia and did not just stand there without any counter attack.
  • Well of Skelos interior 1v3: Again, the cry for help radius pulled in 2 additional fighters but, the attacks of the first pushed the RHTS far enough over that one of the Hyborians disengaged temporarily which, I believe, is what allowed him to survive this fight. He dropped to 1530 hp but less aggro made a huge difference. Again, his AI didn’t get stuck not attacking so he was able to survive.
  • Well of Skelos Forge 1v5: The enemy total in this room has not been adjusted and they WILL all pull if you engage with one, as my RHTS found out. One disengaged when moved further to the side but came back shortly after. The RHTS was constantly stunned between all their attacks and did almost no damage before dying.
Berserker Fight Details
  • Cimmerian Berserker 1v1: My CB dropped to 3268 hp before killing the imposter CB.
  • Mounds of the Dead 1v4: In this fight, my CB actually struggled a bit. He prioritized a shield NPC which meant a lot of hits from the other fighter and he got yeeted once. Managed to take everyone down and dropped to about 1580 health.
  • Well of Skelos exterior entrance: Against 2 Fighter III Hyborians, the CB had some of the same issues as Dalinsia, in that he had moments where he just stood and didn’t attack, even when not being attacked. He dropped to about 2517hp but still walked away from this fight victorious.
  • Well of Skelos interior 1v3: 2396 health was the lowest the CB dropped in this fight. None of the fighters disengaged but he never paused in fighting.
  • Well of Skelos Forge 1v5: Don’t take your thralls to this fight. Like the RHTS, the CB was unable to get off any attacks beyond the first one. After that, he was pretty much constantly stunlocked by one attacker after another and was unable to do anything else and, in short order, was snake food.

If you don’t want to read all the details, summary is, at least in my opinion, fights might be okay. Thrall damage has been increased, while their health is decreased, so it might end up washing out to about even. Thralls not attacking isn’t a new problem (at least not for me) so I don’t know that you’ll need to babysit more than before. However, making sure your thralls have GOOD heal food may end up being more important since you’ll want faster ticks on those heals since there’s less health points to soak incoming damage.

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Currently (in live) the weapons/armor worn by thralls does not degrade. Only stuff worn by the player does.

I doubt they will change that, as it would require more work from the game, and devs already need to worry about performance.

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Sweet, thanks for the feedback! They only mentioned legendary weapon degradation. I’m assuming legendary armor is the same?

Holy…so what does glove os jhil add to this abomination?

Oh god :weary:

It is, very fast. I was playing a day on test client (singleplayer) and the regen is indeed good. Overall the changes didn’t feel that bad, but I didnt yet have a corrupted hero, nor my zombies. My thrall was simply there, with a beginning character I was not relying on it that much. Thrall had an interesting walking animation too which I found cool.

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