Stands for Artifacts

I think it would be nice to be able to display the artifacts (I don’t plan on starting over so the artifacts just sit in a chest) so having some nice stands you can make through recipes (maybe through quests) would be awesome


that would be a cool thing, some armor stands that work the same way was the weapon ones would be nice to…


I agree with both of these. Especially the artifacts.

At least you can put the religious items in the weapon tracks. I have a yog cleaver hanging on the wall next to my stove, with a regular cleaver and skinning knife as well.

I usually use thralls to show off any armor I’m not going to wear, but having a stand or dummy/scarecrow would be cool too.

i have used thralls as well in the past, but there is an issue where if ppl walk into your base they move… and dont go back exactly how you had them lol…

Thrall passive stance would be nice.

just collect multiple copies…

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