Star Metal not available after Patch



They change Stygian Soldier armor now need star metal and that stupid change obsidian tier everything is bugged af. My god this game!.

  • Star Metal doesn’t drop anymore (Official servers)
  • AI are stupid( your Thrall Warriors,Archers don’t attack enemy players)
  • When you put obsidian and steel in Vulcano forge and close menu forge. Everything resources vanish.(Obsydian forge creating obsydian steel too slow. Creating 100 obsidian steel takes so much time that another boss will spawn near smithy and attack you again.)
  • Players Still using glitch all stats 50(Official server 1082)


Thanks to everyone again for commenting on this post. I’m hoping to see a Funcom response soon. Please add it to the thread if you see a response to this issue. Thank you all!


I had star metal land literally at my feet, i was lucky it didn’t kill me. So it does drop but like someone else mentioned it drops without its casing and disappears very quickly. So unless you see it land you wont find it


I’m noticing now that it sometimes falls as meteors as well.

The pattern I’ve seen is that if it lands on top of the mountains it will be a meteor and you need to crack it open with explosives/orbs. If it falls on the “ground level” or at the bottom of the mountains, it will be cracked open already and you just have to mine it.

Anyone else noticing this, or is this just the random pattern I’ve seen ?


here on official server i have found like 2-3 nodes in the last week, they seem very rare now, a little bit too rare :smiley:

mine had their shells still, even on ground level at north before ymir palace. i have found also a couple pre-cracked , but here on official not yet completly open ones, the pre-cracked were in most cases bugged ones where some person might gave up.
it’s because some of the nodes land very badly, so you can only hit them from a perfect direction, every else will not give any damage to them.
so they are not undestroyable, they just have a very bad hitbox, it might need a couple of tries to get them to shine and then you need to throw the tear orbs correctly so you don’t let the flame go out, cause if it does so, it might take another 5-10 tries to find the same spot again, very unfortunate like this


or it drops in its casing and you can’t destroy the casing. Lately I’ve been running into that.


Has there been any sort of official response from Funcom on this issue? Have they at least acknowledged this somewhere, or made mention of correcting star metal spawning?



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