Starfield doesnt rotate (mah immersion…)

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Bug Description:

The starfield at night is static while the moon moves across the sky… anyone who isnt bothered by this needs to think about the consequence… that would mean the earth wasnt rotating and the moon orbits once per day. The tidal forces would rip the landscape apart. If it rotated, a northstar could even be added to give a compromise compass at night that would be completely inline with the game. Not only that, nights would be moar prettier.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Watch the sunset
  2. See stars become visible
  3. Wonder why the cataclysm hasnt started

The Moon doesn’t wobble either - like it does in reality…

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And the sun rises at the wrong side of the land.

So, the earth is not spinning, the geocentric worldview has been confirmed!
EVERYTHING moves with the earth as it rotates, which is catastrophic to everything else. But we don’t see stellar deaths constantly, nothing.

The earth has its days. No tides, wrong stellar companions, wrong universe, no tectonics. Uh-oh.


The sun is a light source so that one I just say “well, its weird but I’ve seen what realistic sunlight does in game and people would scream ‘DAAAARK!’” Because of the canyon shadows. The starfield on the other hand is purely decorative.


I prefer to believe the Exiled Lands are magically outside of time itself.

That’s why player characters don’t die, just respawn. The respawn is an alternate time clone.

NPC’s also respawn, the crafter on your bench is a time double of the one you just ran past at it’s spawn point, and all those Teimos clones are time divergent doubles

If you have any astronomy, look closely at the stars you can see the sky multiplied and overlaying itself again and again.

Anyway that’s my head canon. :slight_smile:


Honestly I would be one of the very few people, who would prefer natural, realistic lights even if they are darker in the game. Curtains and shutters exist for a while now. Plus no RGB that bleeds my eyes, so I’m perfectly fine in darker games too.

Just came into my mind: there is a mod that enables dynamic shadows! Now that I finally got a new GPU, I can test it, heheeee!

@droch-aon I’m really tired (not mine, I just thought about the same picture)… there is 35 degrees Celsius in here. Yesterday was 23, so it is pretty taxing on my little body.


it would be great to have more realistc environment, but there a limitations on the engines, and the game should not need a super hardware to play, there are a lot of things that bother me a little but we learned to live with. For example the sun light can penetrate the deepest places making no diference if you are indoor or outdoor.
Another one is ligth sources pass trough the walls and ceilings or wind in some flags (not they all have wind effect) and not in trees.

Your weather mod is a must for me now because of the lighting actually. Now… about that starfield…


Well thanks for trying. Figured if it could be done you would have already.

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