Starlight RP PVE Server

New RP PVE server - Password Protected

2 Kingdoms and will expand to 4, then intoduce a new “Rogue” role.
Custom Discord Bot! Send “letters” to others.
Weekly “Event dice” rolls are made (example: Someone poisoned food suply, who did it? was it another kingdom?) - Keeps things fresh, and forces turmoil, war, and even friendship so it doesnt get stale.
Serious RP players only or those looking for a pve server with RP characters within the server. Breaking character is against the rules. You have set roles to choose from.

House of Jackals
House of Frostgate

Come join us in experiencing the conan world in the eyes of someone you create.

Application Process within Discord
*Password changes weekly or when a ban occurs."

Join the Discord for more information and read up on all of the rules, and backstories on the realm and kingdoms. Create your character IN DISCORD.

Please comment for discord link.

Server currently being reworked and is open to the public for now.

Are you still recruiting if so I’m intrested

Is this server active