Starmetal disappears after dying?

I was searching for starmetal and had zu climb up a statue at the tempel of frost.
But poorly i fell and died. It took me 2 minutes to arrive my corpse. But then I noticed the starmetal disappered.
I was alone on this official server, so nobody could have been faster then me.
How can this be possible?
Thanks in regard

The outer shell was broken? If yes the node disappears after a while… even if u do not die (especially if u go out of render range and come back)… so i believe this happened… U used an exposive arrow to break shell, then started climbing, and when u fell u died… u then spawned at base/bedroll, u exited render range and upon return node was gone…am i correct, or something else happened?

That is absolutly correct.
This way it happend.
Thanks for explanation. :slight_smile:

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