Start acknowledging the time investment this game is for players

It seems to me that FC thinks ppl play this game very very casually. Log in now get some big tier 3 base then theire gone. Like some deathmatch game that goes on for a few weeks.
This game is literally a MMORPG and players expect a persistent world they can come back to. What is up with those 1 week/2weeks etc decay timers?
What this game needs it’s some sort of upkeep system plus notification by mail so your stuff is safe there months in advance.
Those decay timers are holy. You don’t casually adjust them “oh they lost all their stuff hihi well it’s fun getting it back isn’t it?” Then there’s the very ambiguous ToC that got lots of good players banned. This game isn’t only development work, you also have server communities that develop over long periods of time, where new players will find a pleasant place to spend their time in. Sure some of those people might not log on every day. But still…
Or are you guys trying to chase away pop from the official servers? Acknowledge already it’s a MMORPG and not whatever you think it is and stop treating it like that. You wouldn’t be sinking Ks of hours in some MMORPG when the server owner would just close it one day cause of bored right?

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