Start banning trolls or increase the build proximity

Im being surrounded, purposely, by a clan spaming foundations around my base. Im growing tired of having to counter thier foundations with my own, which both sides are now blocking resource spawns for everyone, for the love of god do something.

Games are supposed to be fun, this one is feeling like a chore, I cant go out and play the damn game because Im trying to fight off bullies, and Ive already put a ton of effort into my base to just up and move, and where am I going to go? You havent fixed shrine decay so theyre spammed all over the server and undestroyable.

If this crap keeps up, I’ll become the troll, because I’ll dedicate my life to building the biggest unclimable wall that ever existed around their base.

I dont like to break this to you, but aside of putting up t3 fences on top of a wall, there is nothing we cannot climb - given we use those flexibility kits on the correct armor and then start climbing. I think there are youtube-guides on that as well…

Basically you will have to handle this yourself, as there are way too many trolls on way too many servers out there. And Funcom will probably never watch over the official servers.

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“And Funcom will probably never watch over the official servers.”

Yeah and it is a shame.
There is a guy on our server he blocked the white tiger Wb’s spawn.
When we asked him to move he started b!tching about it. ended up in an argument.
Now he is only come back to prolong the decay timer…

Unfortunately purge doesn’t penalize this kind of behavior… instead it penalizes active gameplay…
(Oh btw… purge I can’t wait for a patch on that thing cuz this 20second without a mob bug is kinda gamebreaking…)

We had to wall This troll in but not much else we can do about it so the other 39 ppl can’t fight the tiger there because of this one @sshole.

Funcom could use a report function I bet when like 10 ppl report an action like this they SHOULD interveene.

Well, now they found a way to build inside my area, through the already tiny build proximity