Started down the rabbit hole of data mining

So finally fired up the dev kit and started data mining. I will start with a big warning…


I will do my best to blur them out for people who don;t want all the info…otherwise you have been forewarned.

As a professional data miner, i liken it to the movie Constantine, in that once i go to hell, it is very hard to return and I can easily get trapped there forever:) So i had to pull myself out last night once i started to see certain info and felt it was a good stopping point. I will revisit on occasion until i can definitely say i know how the thralls internal stats are figured.

So if you don’t want to know, then don;t come to this thread…


Can you tell me, HOW you datamine? I have the devkit installed since several months ago.

I wrote with testerle who can do it, but his scripts/program are not public available…

Now that the warning is out of the way…
Here is what i have so far based on what i am seeing…
Data Spoiler

Thralls do not have a set damage for melee or range.
What i found were some tables that tied a multiplier to something. 2 columns of my data mining showed definite favoritism to fighters in 1, and archers in the other.
The numbers ranged from 1 to 3 if i remember (not at home right now). Higher numbers for higher tiered thralls.

I found a third column that looks to be armor rating, but i did not compare. That will be easy as that is one of the numbers we actually see. the highest for thralls was 40, but there was one at 1200 i suspect belongs to bosses, but have not tied it back yet.

A fourth column was pure health, as the numbers were identical to the one we see. I had found that one before.

There are also 3 columns for crafting time, fuel usage, and material usage each for the artisans that were easy to find and 100% know.
There were 2 columns that are definitely tied to dancers for corruption removal and health regen.
All these columns had ranges from 1 to 3 in increments of .5 for the level of thrall.

There was column that seemed to tie to knock out, as the bosses and certain known unthrallables had 99999 and then every other row for different tiers, factions had very low numbers (< 5 if i remember).

There were 2 columns that tiered from 0 to 9, and were broken down into factions, elite version of factions, and unique versions as well. Combos seem to suggest a multiplier for something, as volcano were highest combo (ex 2 and 9) and dafari lowest (1 and 1).

Going back to the melee and range modifiers, i believe these multiply the damage of the weapon itself. This would make sense, as if thralls had a set damage, then the amount would be so high, the weapon type wouldn’t necessarily affect it. Best way to test is to try a thrall with stone sword, see the damage, then blade of adventurer, see the damage. My guess is with no armor on, the damages will match what i see as the multipliers. The highest melee i saw was i believe 2. so blade of adventurer would have @150 damage in a tier 4 thralls hands. That matched with the 2 columns that seem to pair for each faction and tier could be adding even more. so that 150 could easily be more damage for one of them (1-3 range) . so 150 x 3 = 450. that would make it one shot a naked player even with 3rd vit perk. the other paired column may be a multiplier for armor, where i saw 40 as the highest for thralls.

That is all i have for now, as i have to get some work done to earn my paycheck. but i will be attacking full on this weekend, and hopefully have more concrete info.


The old fashioned way. I export to CSV some of the tables, then start comparing and creating a master sheet with each thrall, and what i know ties to them.


Also, if you post info please blur it so someone doesn’t accidentally find out something they don’t want to know. And keep the info totally data mine based. Opinions, complaints, and other off topics I will personally flag, and hopefully someone else will as well. this is an informative thread, not an opinion piece.


Way to break it down! Makes perfect sense. Any efficacy in testing their damage while barehanded?

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not yet.
I do know they do damage, so i will try to find that. But if i am not mistaken, bare knuckles has at least 1 damage (possibly 6???)…not 100% on that. if so, then the same idea would work on that.


So excited to get some hard numbers on this! Can’t wait to see what else you find.

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Update…i should have a google doc that is about @80% accurate tonight.
Didn’t get as much time as i wanted as i migrated a main base to a new location and, well, lets just say i had to use caravan rhinos based on how we built the new base, and where… So 5 rhinos, waiting on teleport each time i refilled them took a while. But it is done, so now 100% going to break this thrall base stat thing…

With that said, interesting stuff follows, so spoiler alert…

Thralls use multiple stats groupings depending on profession, faction, and tier. My guess is they add up to give a thrall its base level. That number for attacks is multiplied times something. That something, based off of logic and opinion, is the weapons base damage.

thralls have no base armor rating, but i am thinking the outfit they wear gives them the basic, non flawless version. What you scoop off of an NPC is from spawn tables, so it has nothing to do with their NPC equipment you “see”.

Their is also a lot of info on how they randomize their attacks.


Wanted to give a quick update…I have had some and real life stuff happen that has slowed my roll on this. But i did some data mining/cleaning last night to clear my mind of of the real life things.
Hope to have some stuff this weekend, but am slowly putting together some of the “stats” for each thrall.

I will be breaking them down into human followers, pet followers, and artisans. There seems to be at least 2 tables, and i believe one is for when they are NPC, and the other is after you capture them. If that holds true, then there will be a separate sheet for all NPC’s to see which are the “hardest” to fight/capture.


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