Starting a new character on Siptah

I dont understand the amount of upset people on posts, comments etc about having to make a new character and starting again. I get that you’ve put time into your current playthough, but even on the current map it takes no time at all to get to max level and all the recipes.

Im genuinely curious why (some of) you are so against starting again? it doesnt even take very long to get to lvl 60 and get recipes on the live map and it’s not like your current bases are going anywhere, they will still be there if you want to jump back in there

I also dont understand the want to be able to take all your end game gear and thralls and faceroll through a whole new map?


On top of all you said, I’d like to point out that we don’t even know yet whether we can use some of the recipes from the expansion in the base game. For example, if purchasing the expansion allows me to build glass windows in the base game, that would be content added to the base game by the expansion.


well its talks about freedon, people should be able to choose how they want to play the game, have servers that can have toons imported and others from scratch and have people decide what they want to do,

the problem is a more complex one, this feels like a new game based on the same UE, not an expansion that EXPAND your current game. but it rather forces you to create a new game, so now we have to come and go between two games, to refresh both worlds, no idea how DLCs and improvements will work as it will also need that devs will have to develop for two worlds, instead of 1,

price is 19,99 for early access (AKA as Free Beta testers) and who knows what will be the price when the so called “expansion goes to public”

i am one of those “complainers”

Some mods will make you go up and down to level 300 for 8 times.It takes on some very good servers months to get the same abilities as on the old map.I cant think of any other reason they designed it like this then to go into your wallet thinking we are stupid and just blindly buy a reskin.

Many of us are upset as we play on a private server with friends and acquaintances we have met an played with from all over the world from months to years. Now, the server owner must decide which map/game to run. This is a NO WIN situation when you are part of such a tight knit community. This will cause a split, no matter the choice. This will be a death knell for many private servers.

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PvE player: Because its about collecting. If I wanted to start over, I would have done that already many times… But I never once thought about this.

Even in Diablo 3, my most played Character, was the main-char non-seasonal. Which I even often played during seasons.

Its just a different mindset. Whats so hard to understand? Many people always wanted to reset public servers. Well, at least for the new island everything is new. So there is that.
Also many never wanted that… Guess why.

Also if you run a private server, you have to deicde (until restart) which map you want to play…

See from the pvp perspective, it cant feasibly be linked and limited. If I bought the dlc and moved my base to the new area. I could go back to exiled lands, raid people without the dlc and they could never raid me back

Thats why the new map has to be free.Like it was in the past.You buy the game once and support when you can with the dlc’s.Now they are trying to sell the game 2 times.

That’s your opinion and plenty disagree.
So this can be argued back and forth for a while :smiley:

Meanwhile, I’m just looking forward to the 15th!

On pc only why ? early access needs to be all platforms or do u think problems are worse on that system than Xbone

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I dont really agree that development time should be given away for free. Games using expansions have generally been pay to own, World of Warcraft for example. GTA for example give free DLC due to the ability of having buyable shark cards.

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Starting over is fine when you’re bored and want to move on, that is beside the point. The point is that you now have to manage the same amount of time divided between 2 different characters. Because while I don’t know how or where you play I do know that my own day-to-day operations require a constant grind, leveling new thralls, farming weapons etc. and the most of it is enjoyable but literally consumes all my free time whereas if I have to do it on 2 different servers for 2 different characters and 2 different bases then I’m simply not going to do it because I’m quite content with what I already have going.

I think maybe Funcom should make it 2 separate DLC’s. One Jumbo with the map and another which could just include the content still useable in the original game

I for one am excited. After watching the live stream, and thumbing through the new items on Test-Live I can say that a lot of our concerns are unfounded. Religions, emotes, dances should not be an issue from what I saw. And I believe they said in the stream you can use the new building sets in the old map. As far as I can tell, it’s all pretty common sense features. The ONE thing I can see being a potential problem (but also good thing) is the change to PvP offline raiding. Which is more of an abuse issue, rather than a issue with game mechanics. If they just come down hard on people that abuse that system, it probably will never become the “norm”.

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