Starting as new player

Is it possible, at current state of game, to start as new player and not hit any form of wall? I played before but only around lvl 40s or so. Also there are still active guilds that take new players?

It’s not a boolean possible/impossible question :blush: It depends mainly on motivation. Objectively there are now fewer players than 10 years ago and in that decreased playerbase, there are relatively fewer people who aren’t max level yet. So it requires more motivation than it used to.

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Yeah you can still get by and there’s definitely still guilds that take new players, mine being one of them.

There is plenty to go on at low levels, dungeons that lead to each other, and work fine for fr00bs, so you lose nothing trying out. Lots of people roll low level twinks specifically for dungeons, so there are generally people around.

There are plenty of guilds still active, and you can find more people on Discord, or find buffs etc fairly easily in ICC.

Walls are only as high as you make them for yourself. The procrastinational wall is one of the most difficult to get over.

actually quite contrary, it is impossible to hit a leveling wall in the current patch due to the plethora of daily missions and overlapping leveling zones in anarchy online. There is never a point in leveling where there is simply nothing you can do. In fact, at the very least, running randomly generated missions is a viable method of gaining exp at any given level.

Arete 1-15
Subway 5-25
Temple of the Three Winds 25-60
Steps of Madness 50-80
Cyborg Barracks 50-80
Foreman’s Office (Biomare) 50-100
The Reck 70-160
Mantis Den/Smugglers Den/Queen’s Hive 100-175
The Inner Sanctum 125-190

And these are just the common froob zones! there is also the froob powerlevel option (requires being a NT or teamed with one)

1-5 arete
5-33 War academy (requires ost)
33-70 Pleasant Meadows Claw Camp
70-100 Mort Cyborgs
100-200 Perpetual Wastelands Cyborgs (kiting cyborgs usually requires GSF + MC Mochams buffs)

using the above method, an experienced player can take a new character to TL5 in just a couple days of casual solo grinding.


I see, thank you all

will download the game and
I think I will make a new engineer

are there still any guide for new engineers?
and is it better using the old or new client?
also what are the benefits/disadvantages depending on the side you pick to join? (if I recall well you had to choose towards the end of tutorial)

The Reck is 90 - 170, in terms of daily missions anyway. I guess you can kill the normal mobs in there but I’ve never done that.

Reck mobs have boosted XP, similar to mobs in shadowlands. I’ve teamed there and can recommend the following spots:

Level 60-80ish:
Entvineds in and around the Abandoned Mining Outpost in the south.

Level 80-100ish:
Entvineds in and around Port New Thera.

Level 120-150ish:
Bog Golems at Boulder Cliffs.

The names are marked on Saavick’s Map of Rubi-Ka :blush:

I’ve never tried soloing though. For soloing, the level range should likely be higher.


Yeah heard about it but I’ve only tried Bog Golems at 150+

I see, I have never ever made a char to lvl 50 yet, lol. I remember on the last char I tried I had entered temple of winds, not sure if I got the name right but something like it.

I never got far previous couple times I tried(first on 2013-14 when I found anarchy online while checking on another funcom’s game) partly because of literally bad timings that forced some breaks in online gaming in general and my very last time, the guild I was, House of the Black Star or HoBS in short was so dead, you could hardly have 2-3 lines of chat every 10 days or so despite I at least greeted every day. Just either none was online or all were afk always.

I am not generally rushing to the top usually as I like to take my time and enjoy games, check around and explore too.

If I made an Omni there are active guilds there? My old char, the HoBS one, is neutral

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Yes. My froob engineer guide book is found here on the profession discussion page.

epub and kindle versions:



Thank you a lot

Hey, Panagiotis22 :slight_smile:
Starting new with AO is great, but my advice are as following:

  1. Ask in OOC channel for an active guild to join. It’s really importnant to have somone to play with and to get help. And you will need help.

  2. Don’t be afraid asking questions. Either in OOC channel or in org channel.

  3. There are levels considered “dead”, so soloing some content is a must. But, all in all, it should not be a problem…

Good luck there!

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2a. Don’t be put off by the occasional rude player in public chat channels, this is the internet after all. Also, don’t ask a question and get frustrated and immediately log out, just take a short break for a few minutes (/afk for a snack,) then check chat again, you may have got a /tell from a helpful player.