Startup resolution bug


When I start the game every time, the resolution settings do not save. Although it reports 1920x1080 in the box, the screen resolution is ultra wide screen and the mouse position is 2 lines above the actual activation point on the main menu so I have to hover over “play online” to get the “settings” to select.

When I go into the resolution settings menu, I get the indication that the resolution selected is correct.

I have to go to a resolution higher and then revert when it asks me to “keep or revert” for it to actually set the resoluton correctly for my PC before I can play the game.

1.Start game.

This has been an ongoing bug since before I upgraded my PC. Therefore, it is not hardware related and also my Nvidia drivers have been updated multiple times since I first started playing. In effect, I have had this bug on 2 different PC’s, my first being an AMD and this one being an Intel. The ONLY common denominator is that they both had Nvidia cards, although both had different models, my old PC had a GTX 740 and this one has a GTX 1060. Even the OS on this one is Windows7 Pro as opposed to Windows7 Home so I can use the full 32gb Ram.

Incidentally, I have screenshots of this problem to show how it is affecting me but this stupid bug reporting system won’t allow me to link to them.

I never had problems with resolution.

Did you consider change maybe to a newer windows version ? It may be simply that.
Actual game are made with windows 10 in mind, maybe still windows 8.1. The older versions are not still very well supported.

Have you tried manually setting the resolution via the config files? Just an idea, not sure if it will make any difference.

I use Win7 at home still, no issues whatsoever.

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