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ok, we are again having problems with purges. official server 1930

last 3 days we have countless of attempts to trigger it and in the logs you can find., purge has started for clan xxxxxxxxx , followed by another message that says , purge has ended for clan xxxxxxxx , the time different is 3 minutes between each message, we got 3 days full of logs, purge bar is totally full, but it is not triggering with the multiple attempts. maybe they got broken with the last patch?

before this problem we were having issue with the last 3 humanoid purges, (all ending after getting the first message of regrouping) … now we are having this.

i will post screenshots of the problem, if anyone got a workaround to fix this issue. please share it. we ran out of ideas. thank you.

now on the purges.

  1. animal purges bring NO rewards to players. so noone likes them , instead we want purges that bring human named thralls , this is totally unbalanced.
  2. new purges are great , but the old ones suckjs compared to what we can see with the dozen of attackes per wave we seen in the new purge additions (nordheimer army is one of them)
  3. purge bar is too grindy for people that does not play in clans or clans with 1 or 2 persons, it could take a week or more to fill that bar. (clans should also fill them faster, its end game content for PVE, bring this feature to life … it is important, as it is now , it just takes a lot of time to make yourself purge elligble)
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too lazy to do double post, i have reported this issue over PM to Community managers several times already in the last 2 weeks (iirc)
.i am not sure if after that it makes sense to send the same information i have given them over PMs. they should be very aware of the issue.

merry christmas

Since this is more casual over here, I won’t look up your previous purge pleas, but just ask you.

a. Where is the base that’s targeted for the purge?
b. Do you get the X on the map?
c. Is it always the same base?
d. Do you have multiple bases?
e. Does your targeted base have any ground spikes or palisades?

FTR in case it’s a jinx you owe me the Coca Cola: I am building a case study at Relicwatcher’s Rise, effectively the west mesa of Klael’s Stronghold. I have built up there and have noticed some interesting and repeatable purge behaviors. Locust, of course, because why not?

Merry Christmas to you too, Palm. Glad you’ve stuck around!

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a: different locations, mostly in the north (new asargath, the dam and sepermeru area)
B: no, we never get the on screen announcement, so no Red cross.
C: no, multple ones
D: see above.
E: some has some doesnt.

please check this bug report . it seems we are not alone with this.

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