State of the Game 2018 // Fury


Hello. Lets take a look at the 2018 State of the Game PVP Addition Fury serverr :
Population => less then 100
Exploits and Cheats => continuing
Harassment and bullying => continuing
Class Balance => Out the window because of the combined exploits people are using

Example : Assassin does 1 animation that has over 10 different skills molded inside it. IF this was possible, it should be possible for all classes .

Overall skill damage balance => non existant
Example : Ranger out of stealth molds over 5k in damge. If this was possible, every class should have that amount of damage possible. The fact that the ranger can now hop around and shoot the bow in mid air, is pretty close to getting to my previous flyer saucer idea. It’s literally becoming a joke to just cheat in this game

Abitiy like Cat’s Paw and other abilities giving rogue like classes permanent bubbles from most damage is redundant. The one cool down a Demo gets is 5minutes on a 20% mitigater, but assassin is 100% 30 sec cool down ? Are the developers trolling ?

Community :
A new introduction to the game in last few months, botting pvp levels and Zath server. With what you know of this community and the player base, you really think people played zath ? no, you might as well have just littered the ground with all the epics and call it zath.

The toxicity of fury is becoming borderline a legal problem. Being told to commit suicide is a crime in this 21st century. We are literally getting to legal problems that if not fixed could lead to the end of Funcom. If a person commits suicide from a message from the game world, Funcom will be held accountable 100%.

Game mastery, it’s ridiculous. There is no other word to describe the GM’ing ingame.

That is the quick version of 2018 State of the game.


Saga Servers : another nail in the coffin for PVP server fury.
Create a Saga server and merge everyone on it. It is the last merger possible and it is desperately needed.

Use server Phasing to allow players to phase into which kind of mode they want "PVE / PVP / SAGA /


You really should learn what the different classes actually can and cannot do before writing such embarrassing posts.

And making statements like they’re facts when they clearly are just your subjective feelings are just cringe.


Eh I guess that’s who that “special” ToS was on Saga then.

Good old Utog is at it again. Reminds me of 2013 (or whenever it was) that he started his boring and absolutely clueless rants.

Not sure if just trolling or if he actually believes himself. Kinda sounds like he does but whatever.


I’ve never played Saga sorry. Someone else has posyted youtube of players using what I;ve described and have sent petitions.

Learning the classes, is like the oldest deflection in the book. I played Sin for 3 years before I rerolled my account of 80’s.


Glad to see this troll again


There is now the fastest sin int hehistory of the game. He moved so fast he dissapears off the screen. GG no anti-cheat . Loving the teleporting too, this is so much fun :frowning:


Are you drunk? Actually don’t answer, I rather not know.


I mean, If you ask to be picked on by pvpers on Fury then you’re going to get picked on. and from what I have seen you essentially beg for it. you draw so much negative attention to yourself with your global rants and these forum posts that you make most of the games resident trolls look like the good guys.

Frankly you shouldn’t even be on Fury. You would have a much better time on Crom. It has gotten to the point that you’re just trolling people and trying to get the same old response. nobody on fury is going to come to your aid. PvP in open world is not harrassment. Its part of the game. If a player is sending you hate filled messages then report that player to a GM. If what they are saying violates the games rules then they will be banned.

You say the GM situation is ridiculous but I have never had any problems submitting a petition when necessary and getting a timely response. But the GMs will not generally follow up on hackusations. Too many people cry wolf about hacks and the GMs don’t have time. And besides actual cheaters are rare.

As for the state of fury, it has seen better days and the Saga of zath didn’t do it any favors. time will tell if it recovers from this event or not. Other than that your complaints are just silly.

you have never learned how to pvp properly and when someone comes at you you just stand there like a statue and wonder why you die so quickly.

This sort of negativity isn’t going to help whatever cause you think you’re fighting for.

Maybe this isn’t the game for you. there are plenty of other choices to play these days. Fury is definitely not the server for you I think we can all agree on that.

Just saying.


GM Ridiculous => they can’t moderate the game soley, they are spread out across all funcom platforms. By the time they get to a AoC petition about an exploiter , the are either to late or can’t understand what is happening because again, they aren’t devoted to the game enough to understand the core mechanics of each class and to know what is or isn’t possible.

My last Gm talk was a good one, hope it is a gateway for some changes…

Personal take on Gm’s they are good people, have always been polite even if I wasn’t , I am passionate about Age of Conan, since 2005 when I first heard of the game. I don’t like seeing the game in this kind of shape because of a group of players who think they are above the rules.

Give me GM for a day and I would clean up the game. :slight_smile: of course no one would log in :wink:

Maybe this isn’t the game for people who need javascript to play it…


Lop noone will ever give you gm dude so don’t sweat it. You are too narrow minded. If you stopped crying in global all the time people would give you less hassle. Just saying. You need to thicken up that skin a bit to make it on fury.


Never say never. I’m dedicated and available :slight_smile:


Why would you expect to be given power when you would certainly abuse it? A gm must be objective to each case. You don’t strike me as the level headed type. Easily upset, putting mass people on your ignore list. How many times have you been forum banned? Didn’t your ban just expire? If were a betting man I wouldn’t bet on you getting any access to the gm console even if they still offered it to non employees, which they don’t.


What ever you say dude, have a great day. :slight_smile:


You too bud and don’t forget to spread the love! :crazy_face:


Currently prime time . 12 80’s on 3/4 of them in one guild who use exploits.
really be nice ot have a game to play again. this is ridiculous.


You should check out crom. Lots of activities going on. You’re punishing yourself by staying on fury duder.