State of the Purge : reply for the Dev Stream



Because a promised major feature of the game doesn’t work and people are pissed. You can’t advertise and promise something like that only for it not to work when they release the game. I think in some countries this may border on false advertising or fraud. Like someone else said, it’s like a car salesman advertising a certain feature for the car that you pay and expect to have, yet when everything is said and done, you paid for a feature you didn’t get. Why people are OK with this when it comes to video games when they would be outraged if it was for any other product type boggles my mind. Joel and friends take their customers for fools. That doesn’t jive well with me, personally.


… sure you can… I mean thats how developers do it now a days right? Hello Games anyone?


That is how it should have been presented in the first place.

People, especially those on the internet, and gamers specifically will take you at face value. They don’t have any other option. As Joel would say “This should be obvious”.

That’s simply all you guys had to say in the live stream. “It does work, it just doesn’t work right” you could have avoided all this turmoil on the forums. You could have saved a few players who might have taken what you did say as a bold faced lie and was the last straw on this game for them. That was almost the case for me as well.

You guys have come a long way from a month ago in communication, I’ll give you that… But I’ll be dаmned if you all don’t treat this like this is your very first game ever, and we all know that’s not the case…

You all know how this is supposed to go. It’s not fooling anyone. In fact the only thing it’s doing is making you guys look inept. So let’s cut the shìt and you guys drop ‘the babe in the woods’ act.


Interestingly my clan of 2 has had about 6 false purges now. I’m on official server 1950.
The only two purges I’ve seen have both hit solo guys. One never ending archer purge 3 weeks ago and one undead/dragon purge two days ago that started and finished perfectly.
Both in the desert along the western river.


that confuses me even more :smiley: like i wrote, on my official server not a single purge from start of release till now playing solo. started a clan 2 days ago and filling the purge bar to see if it makes a difference. its strange that players experience differs so much from server to server


Lets face it. The purge is a lot of nonsense. We need persistant NPC armies that co-exist with us in the world until we get too big (purge meter) for our boots and become a threat to them.

Then the enemy army would mobilize from one of the many larger camps in the game and attack us. We would get to see these armies move across the land.

The devs seem hung up on a group of monsters that spawn and act like they have an issue with our base. I would much prefer the need to place horns with thralls on watch. That would be our early warning system and it would replace the dialogue box which comes with a perfect countdown.


Yeah I never really got the concept of why a pack of hyenas, or a herd of elephants would suddenly dislike your presence, any more than they already do, to such an extent that they would inexplicably organize and raid your castle/base… Makes absolutely zero sense. Other exiles is one thing, but mindless beasts and animals suddenly becoming acutely aware of a building power base and capable of organizing strategic attack is something completely… What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh I know! Fuсking stupid.

But it is what it is I guess.


Thats not true, Im solo and playing on a official server and got hit by a Purge 4 times.

The first 2 times nothing happened, the Purge was defeated a few seconds after it started, but the last 2 times it worked. I think Im the only player in the server who got two working Purges in a row.

The first one worked perfectly, I went through about 6 waves and two bosses spawned in the final wave
The second not so much, after the 3rd wave the mobs didnt return anymore but the Purge remained active for the next several minutes until it finally expired. Something interesting I noticed, there is a short music plays everytime we get the “Purge is regrouping” warning, it played 2 or 3 times through this inactivity moment but I never got the visual warning on my screen neither the enemies returned.

In both cases my structures took minor to no damage, the mobs could hit me but not the structures
In both cases my Purge meter dropped to less than half its total.


Me neither…,
I play in server 3157 pvp official. Purge bar is almost full for almost a month…, nothing come to attack us…
The only one I get the purge coming to bite me, was in a private server, and I get what I didn’t deserve. I get the purge when I was crafting my first house tier 1. And lv 15 or so.
I was thinking they stop the purge cause the servers are bad now, so while they fix it, the purge don’t come…


I’ve gotten hammered two weekends in a row by purges. I’m on a public PVE server. I want everyone to have to go through what I’ve had to go through.

Please fix.


No they don’t work in all cases. Our clan on a private server has had the purge meter full for the last month…no purge.

Furthermore the game is far less optimized than it was before patch 33, you know the rushed one that broke everything.


well after a month playing solo you would come to the same conclusion i think. as i stated above i played solo from start of EA till 2 days ago, no purge ever happened. started a clan 2 days ago, as soon as the purge bar was filled i got a purge message. unfortunatly i got also a insta purge wave defeated message. so still no working purge for me after a month of daily play


it’s work “fine” with this setteing :

and because of this, it only target active clan : MinPurgeOnlinePlayers=2

we got ours 1 purge yesterday.
Okey monster did not spwan very well but we search them and kill them all.
We had legion purge, and we manage to kill last wave


Hi im oc server ps4 pro user. For me I’ve been purged 1x while off-line in an empty base from a merging of another player. Bar reset which we filled right away and we are still waiting for another. Hard to be on during this time period everynight to get nothing.
My question is why have a bar to fill if it doesn’t work straight away? I.e fill after purge hours get hit next purge. Not wait and hope.


I think if purges are going to happen as infrequently as they claim them to be, perhaps they need to lift the time restriction. I mean its kind of silly to limit purges to just 4 hours of the day anyway. Not everyone can be on at that time and so leaves a huge part of the game that some people just won’t get to experience.


those 4 hours are during peak hours … as well i think they put them in place mainly for the pvp servers ( they are during raid times ), because creatures can’t damage buildings on the pvp server unless its raid time.


My understanding is the purges destroy bases on pve or what’s the point.


Im solo on a conflict server with a bigish base. Ive had 1 perge since launch. If i started a clan would that cause more purges?


Not necessarily, but your purge meter would fill up faster if you had clan mates since it should take into account the combined actions of all members of your clan. If you create a clan but only have yourself as a member then nothing should change.


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