State of The Servers and the Purge

Currenlty many of the servers are reaching out regarding performance issues. Many of us have the same concern.

No harvest and no damage.

The concern I have is that my purge bar is near full. It was full last night and the event log shows damage and a purge.

I inspected and there was in fact damage to stuctures my clan at one point created and I have been maintaining.

My purge meter did not go down. Currently with the state of the server I, and other players are unable to defend our bases. This is because we can’t damage purging enemies. They however seem to be able to damage structures just fine.

Our server is 1518. But I see this being reported by many servers.

Please help.

you will not get help here mate. We w8 for help with this problem for over a month… Move to privet servers or move to other game, it seams they cod not be bother in December month with fixing the problem or offer us a nice event. So there action prove they give 0 F…ks

P.S. Another action that proves they start to give 0 F…ks is last DLC have no cosmetics like first 2 of them, you need to understand they have others 2 game in development so no more time for the game that save them from bankruptcy

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