State of the wiki: Where we stand and why we need the community - Official WIki, February 2019


Hey there :wave:

As some of you might know, I am a wiki contributor. I have posted here in the past to see if people were interested in being updated on the state of the wiki and am otherwise active as a volunteer discord and twitch moderator.

Where we stand and why we need you

I would like to take a moment to clarify the reasoning behind

  • not updating the purge map currently,
  • why the wiki is wrong, inaccurate, or simply missing information and
  • why you should contribute or let us know anything you find.

Please read this for more information!

I brought this up in another thread, but I think it is important for everyone to know we could not maintain the wiki without you and we :heart: all your support!

The more, the merrier

There was of course this one faint question right after launch if we shouldn’t make it more rewarding.

I would agree somewhat…
I am glad to see more passerby’s finding the way to contributing and plugging in recently, somewhat out of nowhere as you could expect. Now, It remains a mystery if more people would be up to the big task - Who knows? :smile:

Contact us!

If you want to tell us or ask us anything here, feel free to do so!

We also have a wiki channel on discord as well, check out the bold link. :point_up:

Why are you reading this?

I am one of those contributors who has to deal with updating the Upcoming features page, one of the most useful pages you could link on the forum at any time… No, wait, it is outdated again :persevere:


This is an opportunity to Q & A as always. Here’s some FAQ:

Q: Do I need an account?
A: No, this your choice, but your IP will be shown and in general projects recommend it.

Q: Am I able to register/login with social media?
A: You are able to register and login with your Twitch account.

Q: Why does the site use Twitch?
A: Not only did we use it because of the previous acquisition by Twitch, but we are also still using it, because it is a valid OAuth system.

Q: What kind of contributions are you looking for?
A: Anything. A to-do list is included in the bolded link, but anything you come across could use improving!

Q: Is there anything you personally need help with?
A: I don’t expect anyone to help me personally right away, it would be asking too much. I know everyone’s very busy and waiting on the next patches.

Q: If there’s anything I need help with, are you able to help me?
Yes, but not always. It might be better to ask in the discord, but you’re welcome here too.

Q: Will this thread close x days after the last reply
Yes, sir. As long as noone replies, it’s likely it will. There might be a setting to make this stay open of course, but I haven’t checked with anyone yet.


Q: A patch is coming… what now?
A: Stay calm, wait for it and help us if and where you can. There will be a whole lot more to add to the wiki, again - we will auto-generate the item pages but there’s a lot of new features besides it and item pages are not finished once generated either.

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This may well be a stupid idea, but I will say it anyway. Funcom is currently offering the Atlantean Sword pre-order bonus to people who are asissting with the current Testlive. Unfortunately, this also makes console players generally inelligable. So to entice community members to help TheLOLxd2 get the Wiki updated, how about also offering them an incentive. Offer the Atlantean Sword or Royal Armour download codes to any member of the forum who makes a significant contribution to the official Wiki?


While TheLOLxd2 is an awesome community member, they are not a Funcom employee. They don’t have DLC keys laying around :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, and it’s just my opinion, but there shouldn’t be a monetary or game digital code incentive to help out with the wiki. Everybody who uses the wiki can probably contribute in their own way if they wanted to. TheLOLxd2 has done an amazing job to update so many pages from the dark days of the wiki when there was nothing but outdated information, but they are only one person. If the community wants to keep making the Wiki an awesome source of information, there needs to be more involvement. Every little bit helps.

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@Multigun No I mean with Funcom employees distributing the keys of course. For example, if user ‘JoeBloggs’ made a significant contribution to the Wiki, could a member of Funcom then give JoeBloggs a DLC key as a reward…!?

Well the thing is it is being used as an incentive for Testlive as we speak. Im not pretending to be an expert on how such things work. But if a person is making a notable (voluntary) contribution of their time and labour, why not give them this as a one off reward, just like they are with the testlive?

There’s a difference between an occasional event on a Funcom ran testlive server, and open door invitation to edit a fan made wiki. Funcom doesn’t maintain the wiki at all, any contribution added is volunteerd by a developer on their own terms. There are so many cans of worms you would open up by doing this too. It should remain a volunteer only project on a fan made wiki. If people want to help they can do so.

@TheLOLxd2 Thanks for the info, didn’t realise anyone could just contribute without a lot of fan fare. I have a twitch account and have logged in. I will try and contribute if I see anything “wrong”.

I did read through the linked page you posted, so I won’t edit auto-gen stuff, and will use the notes etc. Anyways, thanks for this post. There should be a stickied post about the wiki. Or even sticky this one.


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