State of this game and the direction its going in

I don’t even need a stove in my base because I don’t need to craft Hearty Stew, Herbal Tea, Derketo Feast ect ect.

All those cooking recipes that litter the ground in exile lands. Useless.

50 Vitality Perk - Gluttonous Gains: Eating food now counts as a healing potion, and provides a healing burst at the beginning if the regeneration effect. Doesn’t actually do anything. More dead content and worst part is apart of the attribute perk system.

Now to pick apart the producers letter in regards to the healing changes.

"Food items weigh very little and are abundant throughout the world, which allow you to carry multiple stacks when doing any activity."

Okay. Let’s saying I’m playing exile lands and fully kitted out running my standard pve bossing build and mix of pvp to defend myself. I have 50 Strength, 20 Agility, 40 Vit, 20 grit, 20 encumbrance. I can carry 1 set of rebuffs, 50 Pure Aloe extract, 30 stutter wraps, 50 haunch for passive healing traveling between bosses, a water skin, Axe, Spear, Daggers. While only being at 54% weight. I’ll also have a horse and thrall with me to throw any loot on that I actually want.

What exactly is the difference in carrying 50 aloe pots and 30 wraps compared to 2 stacks of 50 herbal tea and 50 Hearty Stew/Derketo Feast? Not really any. Sure I weigh a bit more but I personally don’t care.

"Additionally, these items can be activated at any moment, while sprinting, in knockback or even during an attack."

Okay and that’s on you guys for allowing food to be used when sprinting, getting knocked over by weapons or animations from dragons or whatever. I don’t see how it would be too difficult to make it so food cannot be used during those animations just like you’ve done to aloe pots and wraps.

" The gameplay that this system promoted was continuous item activation during any activity, in some cases allowing you to heal through many encounters without repercussion"

Sure, you could tick heal extremely hot, extremely cold, a few bleeds and a couple stacks of the weaker poison. You could not tick heal any meaningful damage. and you need the best food in the game to do it. Hearty stew, Herbal Tea, Roasted Haunch (To an extent) Derketo Feast ect.

"This ended up trivializing health as a resource and invalidated several of the other healing options in the game."

It didn’t invalidate other healing at all. The aloe potions you could make from the Sunken city dungeon were insane healing but who wants to farm those when they cost 1 scale per 1 potion?. When the volcano biome was first released golden lotus potions were insane healing but got nerfed pretty soon after even though they came with the drunk effect if you spammed them, causing you to need set antidote to cure the alcohol poisoning :man_shrugging:

The over nerfing and ridiculous farming for the best form of healing potion pre siphtah is what invalidated those healing options. Farming Hearty Stew, Derketo Feast, Feast of Jhebbal Sag, Herbal Tea and even basic roasted haunch because at least you had to kill something for it instead of just swinging a sickle at some bushes, was more time consuming than farming the aloe potions EXCEPT the ones from the Sunken City but who is going to farm 20 of those pots every 15minutes.

Now currently it’s easy as hell to farm the Lemurian aloe pots on Siptah but why would you do it when they’re not even the best in slot potions anymore? replaced by easy farm Pure Aloe Extract.

Some pretty awful decisions coming in to this game with zero actual thought behind them coming from the top and it’s no surprise to me that they’re being made by someone who openly admitted he only plays on RP servers during the Argossean teaser Live Stream on Twitch. Which i find quite sad because when this game was first announced for early access in January 2017 it was marketed as a heavy PvP game to crush your enemies. Now I don’t even know what it is. A shell of game lead by RP developers. :pray:


The problem is, and always has been, they can’t decide what kind of game they want. They are trying to juggle a variety of game types all at once.

But at this point, they are just going to keep slapping duct tape onto the problematic stuff, and further ruining the game.


I agree. It is based on tier of crafted items and how Otistically a person keeps crafting newest and highest tier recipes. Nothing else at all.

The game is basically based on crafting and growing the setlemnt nd then craft more right now.

The items and npcs we craft, tame is the real deal. The character is almost nothing without all those crafting facilites, items and npc guards. This is the main issue why many gamers post unhappy posts while criticising the game. Then they mostly leave the game.

The virtual nature and exploration is stunning, aswell as hit and run combat at Conan Exiles. These are the big positives. (at least at single player) only when we put away to continious crafting for new tier recipes and building big bases all over the map.

The players just need alternative ways to play the game thats all.

Crafting related feats ,by roleplaying a craftsman, could give +%50 bonus to anything crafted. Craftsman would not get the same bonus from the attributes, as a Survivalist character gets.

Survivalist, adventurer build and ,new feats introduced to the game, would give +%50 power bonus to all attributes but drop the power from anything crafted.

There could be mix of two %25 bonus from crafted items and %25 bonus to attributes etc.

Also all fourth and fifth perks should be revisited even the third perks take alot of point to achieve. Many players dont realise this because they dont dare to restart the game at different servers that doesnt give bonus/faster xp etc easy go mods.

Example for some attributes and type of weapons, bow and arrow could be causing 1 second stun for the first two hits, with 6-10 seconds cooldown timer, after those two stuns are applied. Arrows could automatically add bleeding instead of cripple. Archery while wearing light armor and unencumbered could give movement bonus up to %25 scaling through first to fourth perk.

Bleeding and poison effects are broken: Bleeding stacks and poison stacks should be removed. Once you re posioned or bleeding; a new layer should not be added. Both bleeding and poison would give minor damage at earlier 10 -15 seconds if not healed would hit harder after certain time limit but then would drop a certain portion of total health bar, permanently (untill its cured out of combat) and stop hitting further. Lag should allways be counted in these effects. Most players cant run or heal just becasue they continiously get lag ; not because they dont know how to counter the effects or physical attacks. There is no fun at easy victories for both sides aswell as the pve part.

Survival could slowdown bleeding and posion for each oint spent. Survival could also have % chance to fully stop bleeding and posions before getting the fourth perk.

The original game really requires a magic touch from the Developers, themselves, to raise the gameplay quality bar of the game. The game should be saved from the pit of ,continious, item craft-item spam in and out of the combat gameplay

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They also said, this being early access, that they are going thru ideas on how to make food and the special drinks important. Having it as another cheap heal was breaking the need for potions. I feel food should give different passives, maybe combos of 2 or 3 atts of +2/+1. It lasts for until you hit yellow on the gauge. This way it means something.


Funcom’s been fixing stuff that ain’t broke and not fixing enough stuff that is broke to appease many customers for 2 - 3 years now. I’d expect nothing to change. It is what it is.


Early access or not , changes made to exiled lands too. That kinda change stir things up a “bit” . These changes totally throw the balance of the game that is already not balanced. Imagine healing while raiding with lots of thralls chasing your ■■■ not to mention saber tooth chasing and pouncing. Not only that , with mounts now. I dont mind the animation , but i dont think they had it in mind how people actually play this game and how wonky knockdowns are . So many times i got knocked down by mounts and just never get up . Not in time atleast and sometimes more then 3 seconds. The character just bugged out. So they really need to rework the animation or a proper time balance for animation cancelled(heal cancelling). But yeah ,besides pvp , i enjoy the game with the building system and whatever that is left. PVP wise , half the time its frustrating because it doesnt always work for now(animation). By that i mean animation happened but no healing occur.

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Same for me right now. I occasionally log in to help with a bit reasonable PvP (not this horse + sabretooth nonsense) and that’s it. I am not participating actively in the recent wipes my clan plays on.

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Same here. I’m refreshing timers and playing Squadrons. If they come to their senses, I’ll play again. If they don’t, there are lots of places to spend my money.


Same for me I wait.

Every week I just try to start on a official server to see if there is some changes. Just try to start now, it is a pain and not fun at all!

You need 500 fiber by hand one by one to craft starting items (clothes, bed, temple, light armor weapons, wraps …).

After when you start exploring every time you attack something and get it, you have to use wrap and wait the 5+ seconds animation.

The changes of food healing and X1 gather rate on PVP have a to much impact on starting players (the opposite should be done!). Even in RUST healing in easier …

If I was a new player, after 1 hour of play I will just delete the game.


same here. hahhaha
i’m codding some mod, playing pvp when my clan mates and allies needs help (the ones who kept playing) and build some stuff for fun.
The actual pvp is *******


Problem is, you describe the game of people who live in “fun servers”, “double XP”, “please be in my server” or “easy official servers made to keep players happy”.

In a server set up to really challenge you, you might starve to death. You might not be able to carry a “crap ton” of food and crawl 10x your height to reach resources. You will not survive being far from water without reserves, which will in turn consume the weight you are able to carry and remain combative.

I had many people to complain about my server setup, because if you just started and you fight someone with a iron weapon and you are in a coarse vest, you WILL die, not doubt about it. When I was running exiled lands, if you were in the arid mesa of the desert without water, you would die. If you try to fight 4 crocodiles, you mostly die if not in good armor and well prepared.

The fact that official and most private servers are meant to make the game shallow is not a reason to think the game is. If you really get the game to be what it is meant to be, like the universe of Conan original stories are, nothing that is said there applies.

If you go right now (and I say it about anytime you read this, because has always been that way), 70% of the mods in the list are meant to make the game what it is not, to make it easier, to make it dumber, to make it shallower. To add “more XP”, “more rewards”, even to add Anime races you might find a couple (it is amazing if you could find one, but I know 4 to do that actually).

The second chunk, much smaller, and among the most popular mods, are the ones to give your the impression of depth, but they do not add any difficult or depth, instead they add work, and steps. Instead of making it harder to get things, it adds steps for you to get the same thing. Instead of adding possibilities, they add different ways, not harder, nor clever, to do the same things.

And the third chunk are things like AOC, which does both, and also promotes a certain type of gameplay that is intended to hide the fact that mostly it is the core game with a mask, rather than something different. It is like putting a marble wallpaper in your dry wall and saying it is “Age of Marble”.

Then, there, the few people who actually try to play the game for its survival open world aspect and as it is very hard and complex, mostly give up and blame the game for it.

For those few how forgo the shinny, the easy and the popular, and try to not complain about things but seek those things, the game is very rewarding and very engaging.

You feel the risk of drowning, of starving, of being ambushed, of being surprised by enemies you cant see, despite no invisibility, you just have to watch your back. You can hear in a headphone the sound of steps, the sound of water. You find places in which darkness will challenge you. You will need to fight the cold, the heat, the lack of stamina.

The only thing is: No one is forcing you to. If you keep yourself there in the “fun server double XP crowd”, you get exactly what you bargained for.


Yes any joy or fun we have before has gone with the new changes and new bugs.

And the new map has split in half the small players base between the 2 maps.

If we can roll back to november 2019 … :slight_smile:


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