Static creature spawns get boring


This poor spider has been stock on this rock for months now. Can we get some sort of randomization when it comes to creature spawns so they’re not quite so predictable? Obviously this is kind of two separate issues… one with pathing, the other with the spider always spawning in the same place. Because I kind of think pathing is more obvious, I’m going to emphasize the spawn issue.

A little randomization would go a long way toward making the Exiled Lands seem less artificial. Obviously spiders would spawn near a spider nest, that makes total sense. But it doesn’t always need to be the exact same number of spiders and in the exact same positions. There’s a part where a bunch of spiders spawn and attack a bandit camp… which I thought was totally awesome the first time I saw it! The problem is it happens every time I walk by that location. The same spiders spawn in the same exact spots, and attack the same camp, who’s bandits are all standing in the same spots (but at least look different and have different gear usually). It loses it’s novelty really fast when it happens every time.

Also, if once in a while it spawned a slightly tougher mob amongst-or-instead-of the usual mobs that would be cool and add a sense of danger and unpredictability even when treading on familiar ground.

I feel like the Exiled Lands should never really feel “safe”, even once you have the hang of things. Right now the spawns are simply too predictable.

You guys do great work. Thanks for everything.


I do agree with this, it would also be nice with more patrolling mobs.

It would create a lot more life in the world if mobs could also roam a little more freely around.

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Yeah, patrolling or even just wandering mobs. Not all of them need to wander but running into the occasional Dafari hunting party or pack of hyenas would definitely spice things up.

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