Stats for Szeth's Truncheon?

Szeth’s Truncheon

i cant find any information regarding how good or bad this truncheon is… i think this items needs to show how much concussion damage they make. thank you!

That truncheon is from thee new dungeon, so we’ll need to wait a little for the stats, for now, even the dungeon itself is still not uptated on the wiki. Once it is done, we should have the stats !

This one?'s_Truncheon

It looks like its better.
Normal steel truncheon: 35/40
Reinforced steel: 40/45
Szeths truncheon: 45/50

What I find really bad is the Lovetap compared to it: 15/20… My god, thats bad…

@Wak4863 I think you mentioned Szeths truncheon in your stream at Saturday and that it is probably not different, but it looks like it is.

@Hugo is it really intended that the Lovetap is SO weak compared to steel truncheons?


@jot29 good call buddy. I wonder if 5 points of concussive damage is a noticeable difference when using it in game. :thinking:

What I am more annoyed is the fact, that you also need a legendary kit for reinforced or szeths truncheon…
This items are not legendaries… So why do I need a legendary kit for it?

The same with the witchdoctor mask…
Where the wiki even says sth different:

@Zeb @jot29 you both have me intrigued. Some testing must be done.

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Damn it… Now I have to farm for that truncheon… At waks stream at Saturday, I just thought they are probably talking about the reinforced truncheon. Before this thread, I didnt even know about this truncheon or its legendary effect :smiley:

And if I remember correctly, I saw a truncheon in this guys inventory on his kill, but ignored it…
Which just points me to my other thread: Put the colored border around legendaries which uses pictures as normal items

@Zeb The thing is, you also need the legendary toolkit for the re-inforced truncheon. Which has no special effect or anything. Just lighter and more durability (and according to the wiki slightly better stats).

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I made 3 runs and I always run back out of the dungeon… So I killed him 6 times and ignored it 6times :smiley: :smiley:

So what exactly is the reinforced truncheon? I’m not seeing a wiki entry for it…

Also what’s the legendary effect on Szeth’s? Those of us who are out of town need to knoooow. :sweat_smile:

  1. always use desktop version at Wiki. The mobile version is bad.
  2. many things are categorized. But you only see this at the bottom of the page (in the desktop version):
  3. you will see that the reinforced is also there. Maybe this entries are kinda new, so Google search dont find them (yet)

My values above are the concussion dmg from light and heavy attacks.

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Good call on the desktop version, though those articles don’t seem to have any more info than you already provided. I was trying to learn what the special ability is that @Zeb is talking about.

BTW, is there any data on how much concussive damage the various blunt fittings impart?

Its not a fix drop… but I remember seeing a truncheon there, when I killed him before… but ignored it…

Edit: oh, you wrote “it isnt”. I read, “it is”. Now its even more annoying to farm … ahhhhhh

I will just wait there now, while eating my lunch.

Great… it looks like someone was in there, grabbing the free Khari chests and in the same time letting every normal chest open, so that they are unlootable… this bug is soooo annoying.

@Hugo how long are the respawn timers for the Khari steel chests?

Edit: currently at 0/3 kills for the truncheon…

Currently at 0/5… wtf is with this drop rate.

Edit: 1/6 :slight_smile:

got 2 out of 5. RNG god.

I guess I was rather fortunate this go around. Only took me 2 kills. I haven’t actually done any solid testing yet but it seems like it hits the same as Lovetap off of memory. Although that was before I put the advanced blunted fitting on it.

what it needs is to make it look unique. maybe they could paint the truncheon into black? or add something that makes it easy for people to differentiate the regular one from the legendary one?


After I got it, I cleared the dungeon and ran back and got it again. So 2/7… :wink:
And either it should have that purple border or a different Image…

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