Stats lower after death when corrupted

Game mode: Singleplayer
Game type: PvE
Testlive 3.0
Found that certain statistics such as Health and Stamina lower after death when you corrupt attributes

Here’s the Scenario it was done with no equipment or food buffs, only the Heavy Corruption debuff was present: Put in attributes for 20 in Strength Vitality and Grit, then I corrupted Both Vitality and Strength attributes completely (I don’t have image perms so forgive me just typing out the numbers) Stats for HP And Stamina read at 350, and 90 respectively. After Death HP and Stamina Came out at 300 and 80 Respectively. Peculiarly enough the only difference between both states is that after death a second “Heavy Corruption” Debuff was applied in the status menu, but the second instance was not visible on the hud when out of the menu.

I have found this rather peculiar and wanted to post in case others are experiencing this same issue

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Upon death you’ve always spawned back with 50% health. I’ve never paid attention to the stamina bar, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the same rules applied to it.
Haven’t really played around with the new beta yet so I don’t know if anything was changed in this regard.

It’s all changed and this isn’t what OP is reporting.

Corrupted perks overwrite previous perks including additonal hp and stamina, however it seems they aren’t doing so properly as upon dying values are recalculated and end up at different totals for max values

Oh…well then that does change many things i am planning.

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