Stay safe in these troubling times

Wash your hands and don’t let anyone build within 6 feet of you. Anyone have any other pointers?


Do not horde toilet paper.


Avoid crowds. Especially of more than 10 people… in PvP. :rofl:


Do not eat raw flesh from the albino bat demon, or any other bat demon. That’s how you start to wipe your server.


Hey, I’ll have you know that I am not hoarding toilet paper!

It’s just that toilet paper happens to make great insulation for every wall of the bunker complex beneath my house. :no_mouth:

Seriously though, just don’t panic. This isn’t the black death. You do need to take it seriously. Don’t be that idiot you see in every outbreak movie who’s soul purpose for existing is to break quarantine and spread the disease everywhere. But there’s also no reason you need fifty thousand rolls of toilet paper to survive a two week quarantine in your own home. :roll_eyes:


In my country there is a serious risk, Tons of HIV and TB sufferers with compromised immune systems, Covid 19 is going to wreak havoc here, that is the problem and why it is imperative to stop the spread, for you and me otheriwse healthy and younger individuals it isn’t a big danger, but for others it is a massive risk if they get sick, that is why it is so important to stop the spread, because if you get it you will prob be fine but if you spread it to someone else who has a health problem or compromised immune system they can potentially die from it.

So by all means don’t panic and cause fear but this is by no means something to take lightly, a death toll of over 7000 is significant when you consider this is only in the first few months, picture what the stats will be by the end of the year. People mustn’t think this will be something that will be a problem for awhile and then in a few weeks everything will be fine, Corona is going to be with us now for a long long time and we need to prepare ourselves for that. This is just the beginning.


I don’t really get the toilet paper thing. If things get bad or I am quarantined or I am somehow stuck inside for long period of time, I would be more worried about food than toilet paper. If I have to wipe with something else, you think I won’t?
Is it because there were jokes on Facebook about the toilet paper that people just decided they needed it above all else?

“There is comfort in knowing that it’s there,” says psychologist Mary Alvord

It’s a bit of a knock on effect, the more people buy and spread jokes and such about it the more supplies are strained which feeds into the idea of shortages, the idea of this shortage then spurs more people to buy now so they don’t get stuck in a situation where they are too late and now can’t get so they buy, which then puts more strain on supply and the cycle eventually gets out of control. The same kind of thing will happen with food but we just arent at that point yet where food is in short supply, but believe me food will become the new hoarder craze if a situation develops where stores are running out of it. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer is simply the first product that will fall symptom to this, food, water, medicine all will follow if things get worse, we have seen it before in times of floods and other natural disasters, it’s all about what value we place on scarcity, the more things that start become viewed as a scarce resource will follow this same patter. Luckily at this point it’s just happening with toilet paper, but give it a few more months and if things get much worse mark my words tinned food and bottled water will be the new toilet paper in a heartbeat. Lets just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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@UltraViolent happy cake day.

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Must burn singe hair from bat and cook removing head is personal preference.

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We won’t run out of TP here in the States paper products is one of things we still make here and is in full production as of the morning news.

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I understand your concerns My wife and I are part of the older health compromised groups. Here at work we are playing it safe with distance and disinfection. Never expected something like this. My thoughts are out for people in South Africa especially my 9 year old clan mate that lives there.

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On your finishing stroke with any weapon, keep the blood spray moving in a direction away from you and don’t step in any of the blood pools. They evaporate pretty quickly but the virus can remain there for a few days if you are up north.

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When a healthy individual gets the virus, they will spread it for a few days, after which they became imune and no longer spreads it, much like a vaccine effect, so, we should lock every unhealthy people for 2 weeks and “vaccinate” everyone else, problem solved!

How do you protect people who do not vaccinate their children? By vaccinating everyone around them

It is going to be with us forever now, that is how virus work, everyone better develop imunity to it while it is “harmless”, before it mutates into something terrible

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I am sticking to the Purified Flesh, I suggest everyone avoid the Mystery Meat Soup and the Mixed Meat Strips.

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I hope you keep staying safe then man, Distance and rigorous sanitation are the best practices for now, avoid very public places and crowds. Unfortunately despite my line of work allowing me to work remotely seeing as I am an I.T network engineer and administrator, the client I am based at have refused to authorize me working remotely. Lots of people here aren’t taking it as seriously as they should, people are concerned about revenue and their incomes, which by all means is understandable, but one’s health should trump that concern in my opinion. So I continue to stick it out and cannot avoid crowds. I disinfect every device I touch and have washed my hands so much that I’m surprised the skin on my hands hasnt started peeling off yet :smiley: .

I think once cases start to pick up here then people will start realizing the gravity of the situation and hopefully employers and employees will re-evaluate their priorities…

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dont worry i got 200 packs of 112 toilet paper and 400 gallons of hand sanitizer i shoud be good until tomorow morning.


Problem is we have no vaccine yet and a vaccine will be more than a year away. You also can’t just separate healthy from unhealthy people that easily, not to mention people with un-diagnosed conditions and that even some healthy people can still get severely sick, it is just much less likely if you are healthy. Saying this it would be highly unethical and potentially dangerous to knowingly allow the virus to infect a large number of people in the hope they develop and immunity, that is not a safe way to do things, which is why we develop vaccines so we can achieve this outcome in much safer method with less complications and cost of life.

Another thing you misunderstand is the infectious period, this is different for different viruses, from what we understand about Corona so far ( which is not a whole lot yet) is that a person is infectious both before and after symptoms occur, that means that it isn’t just people who get sick who can spread it. This is why children are a problem here as they are often not getting sick, but they are still getting infected, this means kids get the virus but display no symptoms so they don’t know they have it, they then go onto infect mom and dad who do display symptoms and potentially get very ill. There was a patient in china who was classified as recovered and tested negative for the virus before being released from care, he died 5 days later from the virus.

This is the problem with new viruses it takes us time to understand them and how they behave, it is extremely dangerous and naive to underestimate it and the effects it can have.

We agree that it is with us now and eventually it will become another one of the many flu like viruses we deal with every season change, but until it gets to that point we have to be very careful on how we handle it.

Also calling it “harmless” is irresponsible, it is not harmless, it has a low mortality rate at the moment, that does not make it harmless. People are still dying and many more will still die from it. It’s a statistics game you see, assume a mortality of 3%, 100 000 people get infected and 3% means what 3000 people dead, now scale that up to 1 000 000 people and we at 30 000 dead, scale that up to 100 000 000 and well you get the idea, so that is why limiting it’s spread is imperative to containing the loss of life, the less it spreads the less people will have a chance to fall into that death stat.

Another major point people don’t seem to understand is that whether or not coronavirus kills tons of people is kind of irrelevant, the bottom line is that viruses like this are the potential doom of humanity, imagine if corona just so happened to have a high mortality rate??? look how fast it spread and what then??? we got off lucky my friend if anything this should be a wake up call because there is no guarantee the next one won’t be worse and potentially a lot more devastating, unless we as a species learn and put procedures in place NOW to stop these in their tracks… well then we better prepare ourselves for another black death situation where we can’t even dig the graves fast enough.

So any official PVP is fine then? :slight_smile:

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