Stay safe in these troubling times

I used to read those Penny Arcade comics online so long ago back when there were video game magazines I first saw it in. The artwork has changed so much since then :open_mouth:


Protip # 342 -for new Conan players building in starting area: Social distancing.

Recomended: Make sure you have at least 4 thralls to carry your makeshift yurt base away if some approaches too close. This keeps your stamina up so you can run away longer

I have something that is not safe at all to ad.
In the last 30 days, in the US, the firearms & ammo buying has gone so far out there, that now the state is closing guns stores.
Not to stop the sale of guns. Anyone that knows about these times, already has them.
Its the clueless folks that have been anti their entire life, but all of a sudden, the po-po says they can not protect you. They are out trying to buy guns and ammo. Just to find out how hard it is to get one, and the limit of ammo with a new firearms means.
So now we have millions of new guns owners, without ammo to practice or get training with. So they are locked at home, with a deadly weapon, and do not know the first thing about using one.

This folks is way scarier than a mutant protein that is ravaging the unprepared world.

You forget youtube

No need for store bought.

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I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it’s scarier than a deadly virus, but yes, it is a concern.

Even in the best of times my advice to new gun owners is to at the barest minimum take it to a range or out to the desert or something and fire off at least one full box of ammo at some paper targets. Should do more, but that’s the absolute rock bottom minimum. Obviously that’s not practical at the moment, but once things cool down, that’s something they should all make time for.

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Murdoch’s is where I buy my grain, blocks of salt for my sheep, parts for gates, and all my favorite weapon add-ons and load-outs. I live in western Colorado, Silverthorne is way east on I-70 in skiing terrortory. I called the manager of the store there, who forwarded me to the owner, who I happen to know. He told me the majority of the sales were opportunistic: get them to resell them. If you ever spent time in Silverthorne you’d understand. People blow into town every second, and a run on the Outlet Centre gun shop draws a lot of attention.

As a weapon owner and advocate for safety and responsible use, one thing needs to be kept in mind. Hold that piece of equipment, and it feels heavy. It’s a heavy thing. Anyone interested in proper handling and experience should seek the personal help of a professional trainer. This can be accomplished safely even during social distancing restrictions. As for resources: regardless of its current status as a political action committee, the NRA is made up of individual members like me, who could help direct you to a pro and guidance near you.


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Local news last week gunshop-range considered essential to keep open business by city officials. South Florida. Life Member NRA. PS. Probably won’t see that on national news.


Its Florida, I expect nothing less. =3

Well for whom those who could care.
I’ve beaten coronavirus!
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ty fella, not being sick with other symptoms and not being too old (45 here) helped me a lot.


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I’m not sure if you’ll like it, but I recently discovered a band I didn’t know, which combines two of the things I love – metal and computer geekdom. It’s called MASTER BOOT RECORD (sorry for the caps, that’s the way they write it).

There are two things I watch concerning COVID-19 both from the same US site . While I share a certain amount of skepticism about the source, its overshadowed by news channels. My apologies this is a US-only view but I could not find a worldwide indicator that met my criteria.

The first is disturbing and shows no sign of trend-reversal. It also had a potential impact on the second chart over time.

The second provides some hope.

Stay safe and may your particular God protect you and yours.



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Most of the popular news channels have both a for-profit bias and a political bias, so they have little interest in trying to improve how they portray things.

While it’s true that the situation in the US is far from good, it’s not as dire as people would tend to assume from just looking at what the media serves.

For starters, there was a lot of noise over how the US surpassed every other nation in the number of cases. While that’s certainly a reason to worry, people should keep in mind that even though 200k (number of cases in the US) is more than 110k (number of cases in Italy), the 200k cases represent 0.06% of the US population, whereas 110k represent 0.18% of the population of Italy[1].

Another reason for hope is the evidence that social distancing and the shelter in place orders are actually an effective measure in flattening the curve. I live in the Washington state and we’ve gone from being the #1 in the number of cases to #10, so it seems like the measures are working.

Again, none of this means that there’s nothing to worry about and we can all go back to normal. It’s just meant to provide a couple of positive points that tend to get overlooked in the current mediatic narrative.

A few informational and/or educational resources I would recommend:

EDIT: I wrote 18% instead of 0.18%.

[1] The percentages are based on 2018 population figures. Some rounding was involved.


Please be cautious about confirmation bias: just because other figures have subsumed Washington’s rank does not mean the number of cases there hasn’t climbed at the same rate as previous (they haven’t). We need to look at the overall case growth, and work it via backtracking and social routes to ensure no one is getting away as a Typhoid Mary.

CDC in January said that by the end of March we’d only have enough test kits for 10% of the cases. That number, including the PCR* verification, was just about at the 160k mark. This comports with the number of positives by March 24-25. If CDC is right again, there are 2.3 million cases in the US and growing. This means we should be extra careful, and never be shamed for taking our own protection seriously.

* Polymerase Chain Reaction, the DNA/RNA-duplicating technology that we’re all so familiar with – the black squares, the titration paper, etc… This requires technical human labor that no test kit under the sun can deliver. That labor is now at its breaking point, right at the period of greatest influx of case loads.

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You’re right about that. I was basing my opinion on the graph available on the Washington DoH site:

It starts out as a typical exponential curve, but it looks like it’s not completely unchecked. Of course, there are various “buts” and “gotchas” in there: I don’t know if there’s enough testing done and any data from the last week (at least) is suspect due to all the asymptomatic cases that simply haven’t been discovered.

My point wasn’t that we’ve weathered the storm successfully in Washington, but rather that when you compare the growth of the cases in our state with some others, the argument for shelter in place and social distancing seems pretty convincing.

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